Chapter 1120

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“Sheila Murray! They’ve got their morals all tangled up!”

Seeing the situation take a turn for the worse, Vivian began to stir the pot again: “Rescuing you from fire and water, repaying kindness with enmity – it’s all a load of rubbish!

Right from the start, when Dustin approached you, he had sinister motives. He hatched various schemes and calculations just to win your favour.

Everything he does and all his acts of kindness are nothing but a facade. You mustn’t let yourself be fooled!”

“You’re spot on! This bloke’s got hidden agendas written all over him. You’ve got to keep your wits about you at all times!” Chase Johnson remarked, squinting his eyes.

After hearing the words of a few others, the guilt Sheila Murray had just felt vanished in an instant.

Indeed, Dustin’s efforts to save her and lend a helping hand were all calculated moves, far from being acts of kindness.

If she hadn’t unveiled his true identity last night, she would have remained in the dark until now.

After all, it was Dustin who had deceived her. There was no need for her to feel guilty, grateful, or soft-hearted.

With this in mind, Sheila Murray took a deep breath, locked eyes with Dustin once more, and grew resolute: “Dustin! I don’t want to see you again. Please leave!”


Cornelius was on the verge of a fit, but Dustin raised a hand to stop him, his eyes filled with deep disappointment and indifference: “Miss Sheila, it seems you truly despise me. In that case, I won’t be a nuisance here. I’ll take my leave.”

With that, he turned and exited the room.

Sheila Murray was steadfast in kicking him out, so there was no point in him lingering here shamelessly.

As for extending birthday wishes to the old general, that was the least of his concerns. There was no need to force it.

“Hmph! You should’ve left sooner! What a stroke of bad luck!” Vivian remarked, a look of disdain on her face.

“Go and inform the head of the Murray family at once. Have Dustin apprehended as soon as he steps out!” Chase Johnson ordered, even more unyielding, immediately instructing those around him to file a complaint.

Though he couldn’t disrupt the banquet, that didn’t mean he had to let Dustin off the hook.

If you lay a hand on the eldest son of the Murray family, you would naturally have to pay the price.

“The old general has arrived!”

Just as Dustin made his way out of the banquet hall, a cry suddenly rang out.

Soon after, beneath the starry sky and moonlight, a tall, silver-haired figure strode forward.

Sheila Murray commanded respect with her towering presence.

No need for words or gestures – simply standing there exuded an intangible majesty.

Instilling a sense of awe.

“I’ve had the honour of meeting the old general!”

Sheila Murray’s arrival prompted a swarm of guests to pour out of the hall to greet her, displaying ample respect.

Be they high-ranking officials or influential figures, in the presence of a commanding woman like Sheila Murray, all had to bow their heads and behave.

Vivian and the others, who had made quite the commotion earlier, were now as quiet as mice, scarcely daring to draw a breath.

Only Sheila Murray advanced with a cheerful stride, taking the old woman’s arm.

To others, the general who appeared stately and imperious was nothing more than a kind, elderly lady in her eyes.

“No need for formalities, just head inside and take a seat.”

Sheila Murray smiled.

Though lacking in overt majesty, it still weighed heavily on people.

Including Murray Shan, who assumed leadership of the family after her passing, as well as Murray Cheng and many other direct descendants, all bore downcast expressions, yielding and deferential.

Finally, at Sheila Murray’s invitation, everyone took their places in the hall one by one.

As Dustin was about to depart, he found himself caught in Sheila Murray’s gaze, and she promptly inquired: “Young man, where are you off to?”

With those words, all eyes turned towards Dustin.


Murray Shan took a closer look, her expression darkening in an instant.

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