Chapter 1143

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As he spoke, he grabbed Murong Xue’s wrist and pulled it out forcefully.

“No! I won’t leave! Let me go!”

Murong Xue began to struggle wildly.

She had already owed Lu Chen once and didn’t want to owe him a second time.

Otherwise, she would never be able to feel at ease in her life.

“Xue’er! Your dad is right, time is tight, let’s go quickly!”

“Yes, Xue’er! Human life is at stake, don’t be willful anymore!”

“Lu Chen will die if he dies, as long as we can save our lives, it will be an honor for him to sacrifice for the General’s Mansion!”

At this time, Chu Jie and Liu Yannan also began to persuade him.

If Lu Chen’s life could be exchanged for their safety, it would be a huge bargain.

“If you want to leave, you go, I won’t leave anyway!” Murong Xue did not listen to the advice at all.


Murong Cheng became angry and slapped his daughter directly, scolding: “You can’t be willful now! You must listen to me today! Someone! Drag her away!”

Murong Xue was stunned and covered her face at a loss.

Chu Jie and Liu Yannan looked at each other, then took Murong Xue’s arm and dragged her out.

At this moment, it is in ruins.

The two forces continued to fight, and both sides suffered heavy losses.

Bodies fell one by one, and the battle was very tragic.

“Get out of the way! You are no match for him, let me deal with him!”

Seeing the assassin team of the General’s Mansion brave and fighting without fear of death, Lu Chen couldn’t help but feel a little moved and quickly stopped him.

Although the people in the Shogun’s Mansion are all innate masters, they still have no ability to resist against a martial arts master like Watanabe Yuu.

However, due to the melee between the two sides, he was unable to unleash his true strength, otherwise it would be easy to accidentally kill him.

So let’s just let the people in the General’s Mansion disperse, so that they won’t be tempted.

“You guys also stand down! I’m going to kill this kid with my own hands!”

Watanabe Yuichi waved his hand, and the ninjas of the Golden Crow Kingdom dispersed.

Soon, the original melee turned into a duel between the two.

“Is that guy Lu Chen crazy? He actually dares to challenge Watanabe Yuu in a duel? Is he because he doesn’t want to die fast enough?”

Liu Yannan looked back with a strange expression.

“Hmph! You are really overestimating your abilities! Watanabe Xiong is one of the top ten swordsmen of the Golden Crow Kingdom, and his strength has already reached its peak. If Lu Chen wants to challenge Watanabe Xiong, he will undoubtedly be a moth to the flame!”

Chu Jie shook his head, looking like an idiot.

“This kid is so stupid! In the melee just now, Watanabe Yui threw himself into a trap and didn’t dare to use his full strength. Now that he is without restraints, he is even more powerful. He may not be able to withstand a single move!” Murong Cheng looked annoyed.

Obviously it can last longer, but I just like to be a hero.

Once killed, their hope of escape will be greatly reduced.

“You bastard! You killed my grandson and ruined my good deeds. Today I will skin you and cramp you!”

Watanabe Yuo slowly pulled out the sword from his waist, with murderous intent in his eyes.

The lion fights the rabbit with all his strength, even if the opponent is very young, he will not hold back at all.

“Old thief Watanabe! You shouldn’t have come to the Dragon Kingdom to run wild, and you shouldn’t have been encountered by me. Today, I will use your head to pay tribute to the many heroic souls of the General’s Mansion!” Lu Chen Leng spoke loudly.

“Bagayalu! Go to hell!”

Watanabe was furious, kicked his wooden clogs, and suddenly jumped up, holding up the Taidao, and slammed down on Lu Chen’s head.

Before the blade even reached, its sharp blade had torn the ground apart, forcibly cutting a deep mark.

“It’s over…this kid is dead.”

Seeing this scene, everyone shook their heads and sighed.

There are not many people in the world who can stop Watanabe Yu’s full blow.

“The sky!”

Lu Chen stretched out his hand.


Just heard a roar.

Among the ruins, an ancient black sword shot out suddenly, like a black lightning, directly piercing Watanabe’s chest with the force of Cui Lu.

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