Chapter 1140

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“You…what did you say?”

Murong Xue was stunned and couldn’t believe it: “Did you kidnap me? Are you…all lying to me?”

“Yes, we are indeed lying to you.”

Watanabe Tianming admitted frankly: “However, if you want to blame it, you are too stupid. You have no ability to distinguish right from wrong. If someone just fools you and you take it seriously, you are extremely stupid!”

“So… did I misunderstand brother Lu Chen? Did I hurt him by not knowing the truth?”

Murong Xue’s delicate body trembled, her eyes were filled with tears, and a deep regret welled up in her heart.

She really didn’t expect that the truth would be like this.

She thought her cousin wouldn’t lie to her, she thought her good friends wouldn’t lie, and she thought Lu Chen was really up to no good.

However, what Watanabe Tianming said just now made her suddenly understand that everything she thought was false.

Murong Gaochao lied to her, and all her good friends lied. Only Lu Chen was really saving her and helping her.

However, not only did she not appreciate it, she even kicked him out of the house.

Because of a few ridiculous remarks, she actually deeply hurt the people who really cared about her.

What is she doing?

How could she be so confused? So stupid?

“Why? Why do you all lie to me?”

Murong Xue turned her eyes and glanced at Chu Jie and Liu Yannan, her eyes full of doubts and confusion.

She didn’t understand why her best friend would lie to her.


When they met Murong Xue’s eyes, Chu Jie, Liu Yannan and the others lowered their heads and were speechless.

They also didn’t expect that Watanabe Tianming would openly challenge the General’s mansion.

They directly tore off their camouflage.

“Brother Lu Chen, I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I really didn’t know things would turn out like this.”

Murong Xue looked at Lu Chen in the crowd, tears streaming down her face uncontrollably.

She felt ashamed, regretful, sad, and deeply self-blame.

She has always hated people who repay kindness with hatred, but she didn’t expect that she herself would become one of them.

“Miss Murong, now is not the time to talk about this. The top priority is to save your life first.” Lu Chen shook his head slightly.

He didn’t resent Murong Xue, but it was impossible for the two to be friends again.

Some things are destined to be irreversible.

“Brother Lu Chen…”

Murong Xue opened her mouth, wanting to explain, but she didn’t know where to start.

She clearly felt that the other person’s eyes had changed, becoming unfamiliar and no longer gentle.

“Okay! Stop chattering here and ask everyone to put down their weapons immediately, otherwise I will kill her!”

Watanabe Tianming was a little impatient and pushed the blade upward again.

Murong Xue’s wound expanded, and blood dripped down, which was shocking to see.

“Stop! I’m warning you not to mess around! If there is anything wrong with my daughter, I will definitely cut you into pieces!” Murong Cheng roared.

“Now the hostage is in my hands. I have the final say. I count to three. If you don’t put down your weapons, I will cut off one of her arms first!” Watanabe Tenaki threatened.

“Old dog Watanabe! If your grandson dares to hurt my granddaughter, I will kill him even if I risk my life!” Murong Zhenguo said sternly.

“Old friend, you can’t even protect yourself, how can you still care about so much?” Watanabe Yu said jokingly.

Although Murong Zhenguo was seriously injured, he still did not dare to look down on him.

So be vigilant at all times to prevent the other party from jumping over the wall.

“Three…” Watanabe Tianming began to count down.

“Beast! How dare you!” Murong Cheng shouted angrily.

“Two…” Watanabe Tianming was not afraid at all.

“Murong Cheng, untie the dragon rope for me, I can save your daughter.” Lu Chen suddenly said.

He was bound by the dragon rope before, which made him unable to move. Unless he forcibly activated the secret method, it would be difficult to escape.

“You? Why do you want to save me?” Murong Cheng frowned.

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