Chapter 1119

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She didn’t anticipate Dustin to be so unreasonable, willing to harm others if he disagreed with her.

Previously, she had regarded the other person as decent, but now she sees that she had been mistaken about them.

Treating a malevolent person as if they were virtuous.

For a moment, she found herself even more repelled by Dustin.

“Miss Murong, it’s just a bit of banter. No need to be so on edge. As long as they don’t provoke me first, I won’t take any action against them,” Dustin said calmly.

“Hmph! Were you joking just now? If it weren’t for Xue’er stopping you, you might have gone too far!” Vivian was slightly indignant.

“Dustin! Don’t think that just because you have some skills, you can act high-handed here. The General’s Mansion is not a place for you to run riot!” Chase Johnson stated with a stern expression.

“I won’t offend others unless they provoke me; if they provoke me, I’ll respond. That’s the counsel I offer you, and I’m giving it to you freely now.” Dustin’s face remained impassive.

“Xue’er! This bloke is utterly mad. In my opinion, just kick him out, or else the trouble will never end!” Vivian began to incite once more.

“You’re right! A single bad apple can spoil the whole barrel. Today is the old general’s birthday. There are many distinguished guests present, and everyone is watching. If this guy stirs up trouble, it’ll bring shame upon the entire Murong family!” Chase Johnson concurred.

“Xue’er, the bigger picture is what matters. Throwing this guy out is the best course of action.” Others chimed in.

“Dustin! Your presence is unwelcome here, kindly leave!”

Murong Xue clenched her teeth and finally issued the eviction order.

My friends are correct; if the other party causes harm here, the entire birthday celebration will be ruined.

“Begging me to leave?”

Dustin was taken aback for a moment, then gave a self-deprecating smile: “Miss Murong, they are guests, and I am too. If they merely utter a few words, you want to kick me out. Is that fitting?”

Once, he regarded Murong Xue as his younger sister. Even if he was misunderstood, he harbored no ill will.

In his view, even if the two parties couldn’t be bosom pals, they should at least treat each other with courtesy, right?

However, now he realized his error.

Once people form biases, they tend to hold on to them and eventually become adversaries.

Murong Xue’s current behavior starkly illustrated this.

He had come to her aid numerous times, yet all he received in return was: Kindly depart.

“I didn’t extend an invitation to you, and you are not a guest of our Murong family. I have the right to show you the way out!” Murong Xue stated with a stubborn look.

“Miss Murong, you didn’t invite me, but your grandfather did. If you want me to leave, you should consult your grandfather about it first, shouldn’t you?” Dustin responded calmly.

“You—” Murong Xue was a little vexed.

She hadn’t anticipated the other party to be so thick-skinned, refusing to budge even after being told to vacate.

He even brought his grandfather into it to exert pressure.

“Xue’er, don’t listen to this rascal’s nonsense. How could he possibly know the old general? Clearly, he’s just playing the rogue!” Vivian continued to add fuel to the fire.

“Xue’er, don’t waste words on him; just have someone show him the door!” Chase Johnson advised, bluntly.

“Dustin! If you don’t leave, don’t blame me for summoning assistance!”

Murong Xue took a deep breath, her gaze turning steely.

“Murong Xue! You’re pushing it!”

At this juncture, Cornelius finally couldn’t contain his anger and spoke up indignantly: “My Mr. Dustin has come to your aid time and time again. If you’re not grateful, fine, but now you want to repay kindness with enmity. Are all members of the Murong family so unjust?”

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