Chapter 1121

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“Is this lad seeking trouble?”

Caden narrowed his eyes, wearing a rather unkind expression.

“Intriguing… quite intriguing.”

In the midst of the crowd, Watanabe Tianming wore a mischievous expression.

Considering what occurred last night, typically, Dustin should be making a run for it and keeping a low profile.

However, no one anticipated that this lad would boldly approach.

How audacious!

“Haha… This bloke’s done for. He’s caught the attention of the old general. Even if he fancies escaping, today’s his reckoning!” Chase Johnson chortled ferociously.

“Serves him right! If he’d just clear off, everything would be fine. If he insists on being a nuisance here, he’s practically asking for trouble!” Vivian curled her lip, appearing somewhat smug about his predicament.

In their view, the old general must have got wind of his grandson’s thrashing and now wanted to exact public revenge.

“Old General, I’ve conveyed my thoughts to you. I have other matters to attend to, so I’ll take my leave.”

Caden crossed his fists and resolutely opted to depart.


Witnessing this, Chase Johnson suddenly leapt forward, blocking his path, and bellowed: “Sonny! You can’t just stroll in and out as you please. Do you have any idea whose abode the General’s Mansion is?!”

While speaking, he also stole a furtive glance at Murong Zhenguo.

Naturally, an opportunity like this to show off should not be squandered. If he could make an impression on the old general, he might be in for brighter prospects.

It would not only put Dustin in his place but also earn favor with the old general. It was a win-win.

Pondering this, he couldn’t help but admire his acumen and skill in gauging words and emotions.

It was truly impressive.


Chase Johnson’s sudden intervention left Murong Zhenguo slightly bemused.

Where did this lad come from?

What’s his game?

“You told me to leave earlier, and now you want me to stay. What’s your game?” Dustin remained impassive.

“Hmph! Spare us the waffle!”

Chase Johnson retorted, his face wearing a fierce scowl. “You’ve offended the old general and disrupted everyone’s enjoyment. Now you want to scarper? It’s just a pipe dream!”

“Quite right! You infiltrated the general’s mansion with malicious intent. Everyone’s going to see you get your comeuppance! Thankfully, the old general saw through your facade. Today, you’ve got nowhere to run!” Vivian declared virtuously.

Even as she gave Dustin a thumbs-up, she didn’t forget to snap a few photos of Murong Zhenguo’s horses.

This display of putting the high and mighty in their place was truly a masterstroke.

“Oi, you pair, what do you think you’re doing?”

Murong Zhenguo’s brow creased slightly, a touch displeased.

Where did these two nincompoops come from? Can they not tell their left from their right?

“Old general, you needn’t trouble yourself over trifles like this. Leave it to us youngsters. I guarantee we’ll handle it!” Chase Johnson remained oblivious to the gravity of the situation, eager to claim the glory for himself.

“Yes, old general, today’s your birthday. It wouldn’t be fitting for you to get all worked up. We’ll sort this out for you.”

Vivian wasn’t about to be outdone, anxious that all the credit would slip through her fingers.

To both curry favour with the old general and bask in the limelight? Why not?

“Come here! Apprehend this malefactor and subject him to a thorough interrogation!”

Chase Johnson was in high spirits, waving decisively to the Murong family’s guards as if he were in charge.


Murong Zhenguo stood up immediately, advancing angrily and delivering a sharp rebuke to Chase Johnson and Vivian.

He thundered, “Have you lost your minds? This is an esteemed guest of the Murong family. By what right do you show such disrespect to my esteemed guest?!”

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