Chapter 1106

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At this moment, within a derelict steel mill.

Sheila Murray dangled, tightly bound and unconscious, her eyes hidden beneath a black cloth.

Watanabe Tenmei, adorned in opulence, savoured a prime cut of Wagyu steak while indulging in a glass of exquisite wine.

Every motion exuded elegance, a smile gracing the face, every gesture steeped in aristocratic charm.

“Young Master, time ticks on and the target remains elusive. I reckon he lacks the nerve to show up,” a robust warrior in crimson reported after a while.

“Fret not, we shall wait,” Watanabe Tianming declared.

He set down knife and fork, dabbing his mouth with a napkin before speaking with a smile, “I’ve delved into the connection between Dustin and Sheila Murray. It’s no simple affair. Given his nature, he’ll undoubtedly come to her aid.”

“I fear Dustin may be unwilling to part with the Qicai Ganoderma. Why not send your men into Fengyu Villa to seize the treasure directly?” the crimson-clad warrior suggested.

“Rash!” Watanabe Tianming’s countenance turned frigid. “Fengyu Villa conceals numerous masters. Even if we succeed, our losses will be severe. Can the lives of Dragon Kingdom’s warriors compare to the nobility of our Golden Crow Kingdom?”

“The Dragon Kingdom’s warriors are naught but inept, Master. You overestimate them,” the crimson-clad warrior grumbled.

Their warriors of the Golden Crow Kingdom were handpicked and battle-hardened. How could a group of Dragon Kingdom’s weaklings stand a chance?

“While Dragon Kingdom’s warriors may lack prowess, they can overwhelm through sheer numbers. Even tigers must beware of a wolf pack,” Watanabe Tenming cautioned.

“Understood, Master.”

The crimson-clad warrior outwardly nodded, yet his eyes remained defiant, clearly dismissing the Dragon Kingdom’s warriors.

After all, decades ago, Longguo’s people were beneath their heels.

“Have you been waiting for me?”

Suddenly, a cold voice echoed.

It appeared without warning, seemingly from all directions.

“Who’s there?”

Instantly, everyone was on high alert, eyes scanning the surroundings.

“Step, step, step…”

Accompanied by the soft sound of footsteps, a tall, imposing figure emerged from the shadows.

It was Dustin, arriving just in time.

“Mr. Dustin, you’ve finally arrived. I’ve been anticipating our meeting,” Watanabe Tenaki greeted with a polite smile.

“And who might you be?” Dustin surveyed the area.

Around the entire factory, about twenty to thirty individuals lay in ambush, including five innate masters, while the rest boasted peak internal strength.

In a provincial capital, this force could challenge even the wealthiest families.

“I am Watanabe Tenaki. Delighted to make your acquaintance,” he nodded.

“Watanabe? Are you from the Golden Crow Kingdom?” Dustin swiftly deduced.


Watanabe Tianming stated plainly, “I’ve heard that Mr. Dustin possesses a Ganoderma lucidum plant. I’m immensely interested and prepared to offer a substantial sum for its acquisition. I hope Mr. Dustin can bear to part with it.”

“Your offer may be generous, but I cannot relinquish the Qicai Ganoderma,” Dustin firmly declined.

“What? Mr. Dustin, do you believe I lack the means? Simply name your price, and I shan’t haggle,” Watanabe Tianming was forthright.

“I abhor being coerced. By employing this tactic to summon me, you’ve crossed a line. No amount of money will sway me,” Dustin stated coolly.


Watanabe Tianming’s gaze grew icy, but he swiftly masked it with a smile, “Mr. Dustin, I erred in my approach. I’m willing to extend my apologies. If you consent to sell the Qicai Ganoderma, we can easily come to an agreement.”

“It appears you still don’t grasp the situation. Allow me to reiterate. You are not worthy of possessing a treasure like the Qicai Ganoderma. I wouldn’t sell it to you even if it were to feed a dog!” Dustin was unapologetic.

At these words, Watanabe Tianming’s countenance darkened in an instant.

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