Chapter 1107

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“Ba Ga, Road!”

The crimson-clad samurai seethed with anger, drawing his sword with a swift motion, poised to strike.

“Mr. Dustin, there’s a saying in your Dragon Kingdom that those who grasp the current affairs are truly wise. If you surrender the Qicai Ganoderma, I’ll allow you both to leave. Should you dare refuse, death awaits you!” Watanabe Tenming warned.

“Just because you lot still think you can kill me? Do you possess that capability?” Dustin sneered.

“Don’t believe me? You’re welcome to try,” Watanabe Tenaki snapped his fingers.


The warrior in red responded, closing in on Chase Dustin with a blade in hand, a disdainful smile playing on his lips. “You people from the Dragon Kingdom are nothing more than feeble men of East Asia, always prattling on about heroism. Today, I’ll give you a lesson you won’t forget!”

“What did you just say?”

Dustin’s countenance turned icy, a surge of murderous intent gleaming in his eyes.

Some eighty years past, the Golden Crow Kingdom did indeed hold sway over the Dragon Kingdom for a time.

Back then, the Dragon Kingdom had only just emerged from a war, left in ruins and with a weakened national power. It was consequently subjected to various oppressions by the Golden Crow Kingdom, even earning the derogatory title of the “feeble men of East Asia.”

After decades of progress, the Dragon Kingdom had risen to prominence, but the stain of that past humiliation under Zeng Jin lingered unforgotten.

Hearing that ignominious label now, any hot-blooded man would bristle in indignation.

“Angry, are you?”

The crimson-clad warrior laughed savagely. “You feeble men of East Asia will forever be beneath the heels of our Golden Crow Kingdom. Eighty years ago, it was true, and it holds true today.

You’re all inferior races, the lowliest of slaves, no better than our hounds.

You ought only to kneel before us and beg for mercy.

True, you’re humble, but you can’t deny your women are strikingly beautiful.

After I dispatch you, the feeble man of East Asia, I’ll take pleasure in the company of your woman.

No… I think I’ll humiliate her thoroughly right before your eyes!


By the end of his tirade, the red-clad warrior erupted into boisterous laughter.

Incredibly haughty, unapologetically arrogant.

Even the group of black-clad warriors surrounding them joined in the mirth.

Each one brimming with pride and self-satisfaction.

In their eyes, how could the lowly warriors of the Dragon Kingdom possibly compare to the noble warriors of the Golden Crow Kingdom?

“You—you’ve sealed your own fate!”

Witnessing the warriors reveling in their callousness, Dustin’s fury surged, and a murderous rage ignited within him.

With a powerful step, he propelled himself forward like a cannonball, landing a fierce blow on the red-clad warrior.

“Go to hell!”

Without a moment’s hesitation, the crimson warrior yelled, gripping the knife in both hands, evading forward, and bringing the blade down heavily towards Dustin’s head.

His sword, wielded by elite warriors, could cleave through steel.

Moreover, the blade outreached the span of a hand, making a weaponless charge a suicidal move.


At last, the red warrior’s sword met Dustin’s head with force.

To everyone’s astonishment, Dustin emerged unscathed, while the finely wrought iron blade snapped cleanly in two.


The crimson-clad warrior’s eyes widened in horror, his face a mask of disbelief.

He could never have fathomed that a person’s skull could be harder than a blade.


A dull thud resounded.

Before the red-clad warrior could react, he was impaled through the chest by Dustin’s punch.

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