Chapter 1105

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She didn’t want her daughter to follow in the footsteps of these people.

“Why? Why is this happening?”

At this moment, it was dark.

After Sheila Murray rushed out of the hospital, she huddled beneath the streetlight on the corner of the road and wept until her tears seemed inexhaustible.

The faint glow elongated her shadow considerably.

She cared not for Dustin’s standing or his influence; she simply held affection for him.

She genuinely couldn’t fathom why everyone was against it?

Must two people be of the same ilk to be together?

What should she do, then?

Should she chase love without heed for her own safety?

Or should she heed her family’s counsel and conceal this love deep within her heart?


At this juncture, a black commercial vehicle emblazoned with a brand suddenly pulled up by the roadside.

The car door swung open, and a group of masked men dressed in black swiftly disembarked and swiftly encircled Sheila Murray.

“Who are you? What’s your purpose?”

Sheila Murray’s face wore a vigilant expression, and she instinctively stepped back.

“Miss Sheila, my master wishes to meet you. Please accompany us.”

The lead masked man inclined his head slightly, then extended his hand in a beckoning gesture.

“I’m not going! Leave me be!”

Sheila Murray spun around and bolted without uttering a word.

“Seize her.”

The leader signaled, and a swarm of black-clad men immediately closed in and bound Sheila Murray.

“Release me! Let go!”

Sheila Murray thrashed wildly and continued to shout.

“Miss Sheila, apologies for the imposition. Take her away!”

The leader waved his hand, ordered Sheila Murray to be bound, and got into the vehicle.

Then he pressed the accelerator and sped off.

At the scene, only one of Sheila Murray’s shoes remained, kicked off in her escape…

The night grew even darker.

At this moment, within Fengyu Villa.

Dustin sat drinking with a group of individuals from the Qilin Gang.

Previously, the position of Hall Master of Yanlong Hall had been vacant, but with the arrival of Emperor Xuan, he now naturally assumed this role.

As for the old tippler, despite being cured, he hadn’t shaken his old habits and would easily become inebriated.

“Jingle Bell……”

At this juncture, Dustin’s mobile phone rang abruptly.

When he answered, it was an unfamiliar voice: “Hello, Mr. Dustin, is this? I have your girlfriend Sheila Murray in my possession. If you wish for her safety, bring Qicai Ganoderma here immediately. I’ll be waiting for you at the Chengbei Steel Plant, remember, come alone.”

With those words, the call was disconnected, and a video of the kidnapping was sent.

In the video, Sheila Murray was suspended in the air, her clothes disheveled.

A gathering of masked men in black surrounded her, all of them eyeing each other.

After viewing the video, Dustin’s countenance darkened instantly.

Unforeseeably, shortly after leaving the hospital, something had befallen Sheila Murray. Clearly, the abductor had planned this.

“Drink at your leisure, I’ll step out for a moment.”

Dustin wasted no time, rising and departing promptly.

There were few who were privy to the knowledge of Seven Gathering Ganoderma, so he was intensely curious: who was scheming in the shadows?

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