Chapter 1096

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“You… you’re talking nonsense!”

Michio Yamada, now exposed, feigned composure on the surface, but his eyes betrayed a hint of fluster.

Though I’m loath to admit it, Jinyu Soup is indeed very affordable, costing only a few hundred pounds.

Naturally, with his reputation and medical expertise, even a few hundred pounds worth of medicine can be sold for a small fortune.

“Nonsense? Then, are you willing to come with me to test the medicine?”

Dustin persisted, moving forward step by step. “If I’m correct, your Jinyu Soup likely contains ingredients akin to stimulants. Despite its first-aid benefits, it’s at the cost of the patient’s well-being. People like you—your intentions merit condemnation!”

“Nonsense! I am the esteemed healer of the Golden Crow Kingdom, someone you ought to look up to. How dare you defame me? I command you to apologise to me immediately!” Yamada Michio retorted angrily, his face flushed.

“Apologise? Do you truly deserve it?” Dustin snorted coldly.

“You’re not going to apologise, are you? Very well! Then I won’t treat you, and you can fend for yourself!”

Yamada Michio, angered and embarrassed, prepared to depart with the medicine box in hand.

“Mr. Yamada!”

Upon seeing this, Garrett swiftly pulled him back, offering an apologetic smile. “Don’t be vexed. This individual is irrational; he comprehends nothing. Don’t dignify him with a response. Saving lives is paramount.”

“Yes, Mr. Yamada, lives are at stake. Only you can remedy this ailment!” Everyone tried to persuade him.

“Dustin! You’d be wise to hold your tongue! Should you dare to speak nonsense again, I’ll promptly show you the door!” Garrett spun around and thundered.

“Dustin! Who granted you the audacity to show disrespect to Mr. Yamada? Instantly admit your transgression and apologise to Mr. Yamada!” Vivian interjected.

“Quite right! Apologise at once!” Chase Johnson chimed in.

At this moment, nearly everyone glared at Dustin with ire and considerable dissatisfaction.

From the moment he stepped in, he was met with an array of doubts and accusations, and even Michio Yamada was nearly driven to leave.

How deplorable!

“Everything I say is true, why should I apologise?”

Dustin spoke with indifference. “This sort of doctor whose primary concern is money can’t genuinely heal. Just let him go. I’ll cure this ailment myself.”

“You? Who do you think you are? Dare you compare yourself to Mr. Yamada?” Garrett’s countenance turned stern.

“Hmph! Doctors in the Dragon Country are a lot of rubbish! They excel at treating minor ailments like colds and fevers, but in the face of stubborn maladies, only a prodigious healer from the Golden Crow Kingdom, like Mr. Yamada, can address them with ease!” Vivian expressed her disdain.

“As we all know, the medical expertise of the Golden Crow Kingdom far surpasses that of the Dragon Kingdom. The two are no longer on the same level. With your meagre medical prowess, you’re not even fit to carry Mr. Yamada’s shoes!” Chase Johnson added scornfully.

“You lot have been kneeling for so long that you can’t even stand upright, isn’t that so?”

Dustin surveyed the assembled group and said icily, “Allow me to enlighten you. The medical knowledge of the Golden Crow Kingdom traces back to traditional Chinese medicine, which was passed down from the Dragon Kingdom. What they learned, they learned from us, and I’ve merely gleaned a fraction of it.

To vie for the finest medical minds, ten Golden Crow Kingdoms wouldn’t suffice!

It’s fine for you to be short-sighted and show favouritism towards foreign lands, but please, don’t use your ignorance to denigrate the doctors of the Dragon Kingdom!”

Upon hearing this, some of the doctors from the Dragon Kingdom in the vicinity suddenly perked up.

They nearly couldn’t resist applauding.

Being labelled as trash to their face was bound to irk them, but now they felt vindicated.

“So what if the Dragon Kingdom passed on the knowledge? The Golden Crow Nation’s youth surpasses us in practice. They’ve already elevated their medical expertise. It’s true our Dragon Kingdom isn’t on par with the Golden Crow Nation. Is it so difficult to acknowledge others’ excellence?” Vivian held her head high.

“Exactly! Talents from the Golden Crow Kingdom are scattered worldwide. How many from our Dragon Kingdom can boast the same?” Chase Johnson looked contemptuous.

From their standpoint, Chase Dustin was clearly playing games.

Even if he falls short, he persists in belittling others.

What a narrow-minded attitude!

“A bunch of myopic individuals.”

Dustin shook his head. “If you have the time, broaden your horizons and see how vast the Dragon Kingdom is. Don’t sit here gazing at the heavens, spouting flattery. Stand up and be counted!”

Upon hearing this, Vivian and the others’ expressions froze, replaced by a mixture of anger and embarrassment.

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