Chapter 1095

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“The doctors in Longguo really aren’t up to much. We struggled for a good while, but it was all in vain. We had to turn to Mr. Yamada for help,” Vivian sighed.

“Absolutely! They’re all a load of rubbish, not a patch on Mr. Yamada,” many members of Garrett’s family began to flatter.

So many experts and professors from Long Kingdom had gathered, but they were all stumped.

Yamada Michio, however, saw the clue in passing. That was the gap.

“Mr. Yamada, since you know how to treat it, please help me quickly,” Lily urged, a touch of anxiety in her voice.

“Fetch me my medicine.”

Michio Yamada gestured to his two assistants, indicating them to place the medicine box in front of him.

He opened it, rummaged through, and finally took out a black medicine bottle.

“This is called Jinyu Decoction. It’s made from 108 precious medicinal ingredients. It’s specifically designed to clear the meridians and regulate the qi and blood flow. It’s highly effective!”

Michio Yamada said with pride, “Once the patient takes this medicine, they’ll wake up safely in less than three minutes, and everything will be fine. However, I must warn you, it’s a bit pricey.”

“How much?” Lily inquired, cautiously.

“Three hundred million,” Michio Yamada stated, astounding everyone.

“Three hundred million?”

Upon hearing this, a group of doctors from Long Kingdom were dumbfounded.

Is he trying to rob us?

Three hundred million for a bottle of medicine? Isn’t that excessively exorbitant?

“No problem! As long as my husband can be cured, I’m willing to pay!” Lily asserted without a moment’s hesitation.

While three hundred million was no small sum, she could still manage it.

When weighed against her husband’s life, money and other considerations paled in significance.

“Very well, since Madam is so willing, let’s get started.”

Yamada Michio smiled slightly, then helped Caden up, opened the medicine bottle, and prepared to administer the medicine.

“If you take this medicine, Caden won’t last three days!”

Suddenly, a cold voice rang out from the doorway.


Everyone turned towards the sound to see Dustin, dusty and disheveled, entering.

Upon receiving Sheila Murray’s call, Dustin hurried back to the provincial capital.

Of course, accompanied by the three old tipplers.

The Ping An Medical Center was temporarily closed, and the three old tipplers were directly accommodated at Fengyu Villa.

“Dustin, you’ve arrived!”

Sheila Murray’s eyes sparkled as she rushed forward to greet him.

“Luckily, we got here in time, otherwise it would have been a catastrophe.”

Dustin cast a sharp-eyed glance at Michio Yamada and asked, “Aren’t you from the Golden Crow country? To make a quick buck, you’re willing to abandon your conscience and even disregard the lives of your patients. Do you deserve to call yourself a doctor?”

“How dare you!”

Upon hearing this, Garrett bellowed angrily, “Who do you think you are? How dare you speak to Mr. Yamada in such a manner?”

“Absolutely! Mr. Yamada is the miracle-working doctor of the Golden Crow Kingdom, his medical skills are truly extraordinary. Why are you making a fuss here?” Chase Johnson looked disgruntled.

“Hmmph! I really don’t know what to say!” Sheila Murray retorted, her expression cold.

“And who might you be? Do you even have the right to question me?”

Michio Yamada frowned, clearly unhappy.

“Did I say something wrong?”

Dustin said icily, “Your golden jade soup is, in itself, a paltry concoction. The ingredients are worth only a few quid. Yet, you have the audacity to ask for 300 million quid. What’s more, your medicine doesn’t even cure the ailment. It might offer a brief respite, but once taken, the patient is guaranteed to perish!”

As soon as these words left Dustin’s lips, Yamada Michio’s expression shifted dramatically.

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