Chapter 1094

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In the afternoon.

In the provincial capital, within a dedicated ward of Dongjiang Hospital.

Caden lay unconscious on the bed, his face as pale as parchment, his breath feeble, his heartbeats slow, and his body chilled.

At a first glance, he appeared lifeless.

A team of experts and professors occupied the ward, murmuring, deliberating over the condition and devising treatment strategies.

Yet, after an extensive discussion, all the experts and professors found themselves stumped, unable to proffer a solution.

Lily, Shiela, Vivian, and Chase Johnson could only stand aside, their worry palpable, but unable to offer any aid.

“Dr. Jiang, what is the state of my husband? Can he be treated?”

Observing the prolonged discussion with no discernible progress, Lily finally broke her silence.

“The ailment from City University is peculiar. We scoured medical references, but couldn’t identify corresponding symptoms. We’re at a loss.” Dr. Jiang, the most senior physician, shook his head, conveying his regret.

This was a condition they had never encountered before, complex and confounding, leaving them momentarily helpless.

“What? If you can’t save him, who can?” Lily fretted.

She had reached out to Yaowang Valley earlier, but Yaowang was currently out of town and wouldn’t return for some time. As for the elders dispatched by Yaowang Valley, they too were at a loss.

“I propose it may be best to travel to Yanjing and employ external expertise. There’s a concentration of elites and renowned physicians there. You might find someone of substantial capability.” Dr. Jiang suggested.

“In this situation, I’m unsure if time allows.” Lily furrowed her brow.

“No need for concern, I’ve already secured the services of a prodigious healer.”

At that moment, Garrett entered abruptly.

Trailing him was a middle-aged man clad in a coat with thinning hair.

The man was accompanied by two aides, each bearing sizable medical kits.

“Allow me to introduce Mr. Michio Yamada from the Golden Crow Kingdom. When Shiela was kicked by a horse and faced near-certain demise, it was Mr. Yamada who mended him. His proficiency in medicine borders on the miraculous!” Garrett conveyed with deference.

“Yamada Michio? The renowned healer from the Golden Crow Kingdom?”

“That’s right! I pursued my studies in the Golden Crow Country, and fortuitously encountered Mr. Yamada. He’s indeed a marvel!”

“It seems that with Mr. Yamada’s arrival, Lord Shiro may find salvation today.”

Yamada Michio’s presence caused a stir in the entire ward.

Numerous physicians displayed expressions of awe, as if beholding an idol.

Though the Golden Crow Kingdom may not be vast, its strides in medicine surpass even those of the Dragon Kingdom.

Many doctors in the UK were striving to study abroad in the Golden Turtle, as the prospects were golden, ensuring high demand upon their return.

They would stand head and shoulders above their peers.

“A miraculous healer?”

Upon seeing the guest, Lily couldn’t contain her joy, and implored swiftly: “Mr. Yamada, please save my husband. Regardless of the cost, we are prepared to pay!”

Yamada Michio appraised Lily, a sudden spark in his eyes, desire kindling within.

He hadn’t anticipated that the women of the Dragon Kingdom would be so striking, and still exude charm even after childbirth.

“Mr. Yamada, let’s proceed with the examination,” Garrett interjected.

“Very well, let me begin my assessment.”

Yamada Michio withdrew his gaze discreetly, then approached the hospital bed, meticulously assessing Caden’s condition.

After a short while, he spoke with confidence: “The patient became agitated while practising Qigong, resulting in disrupted meridians and obstructed qi and blood flow. For ordinary physicians, it’s a terminal ailment, but for me, it poses no difficulty.”

Upon hearing this, a wave of elation washed over everyone.

“Mr. Yamada is truly a miraculous healer. He diagnosed the symptoms at a glance. Truly astounding!” Chase Johnson lauded.

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