Chapter 1093

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There’s absolutely no plan to top up the glasses for the three of them.


The trio of Dustin exchanged bewildered glances.

In the end, the bottle of fine wine was drained, not a drop left.


After imbibing, Senior Drunkard burped, feeling invigorated and in splendid fettle.

Once content, he picked up the life-sustaining pill and swallowed it in a single gulp.


The moment the life-sustaining pill passed his throat, it transformed into surges of golden energy, swiftly permeating through his limbs and bones.

These energies held potent vitality, akin to a spring of life, ceaselessly nurturing the drunkard’s body.

His once desiccated meridians began to regain vitality, bit by bit.

His pallid visage gradually brightened, a golden light seeming to shimmer in his cloudy old eyes.

Limbs, internal organs, skin, muscles, and body hair started to shift gradually.

At this juncture, Senior Drunkard’s dilapidated physique was akin to dew after a prolonged drought, avidly soaking up the vigorous vitality within the golden energy.

As time ticked by, the drunkard’s white locks slowly darkened, and the wrinkled skin became smooth and supple.

Bones and muscles were fortified to a considerable degree.

Certain internal injuries and maladies vanished without a trace.

The entire being appeared entirely reborn, akin to a withered tree blooming anew in spring.

“What an astonishing medicinal effect!”

Witnessing the rejuvenated maniac, Dustin and the other three were dumbfounded.

The potency displayed by the Life-Sustaining Pill wasn’t merely about healing ailments and injuries; it resembled a metamorphosis, breaking free from a cocoon and emerging anew.

The erstwhile alcoholic, feeble, lethargic, hunched figure now seemed like a dying old soul.

The inebriated maniac at this moment stood taller, appeared younger, and exuded a stronger aura.

His entire presence had undergone a qualitative shift.

Without making a move, simply standing there emanated a palpable sense of dominance.

“Hahaha… exquisite!”

The alcohol enthusiast laughed and stretched, joints crackling like sizzling beans.

One had to acknowledge that the Life Renewing Pill was genuinely miraculous, deserving of its legendary status.

Not only did it alleviate the symptoms of the Five Decays of Heaven and Man, but it also granted him a renewed lease on life.

What a monumental surprise.

“Old drunkard, how do you feel?” Dustin asked cautiously.

“What’s there to say? It’s marvellous, of course!”

Sensing the robust vitality coursing through his body, he beamed so wide his mouth might touch his ears: “A life-sustaining pill not only saved my life, but also unblocked my eight meridians. Though not quite as formidable as my prime, it’s seventy percent there now.”

“That’s splendid, truly splendid. It’s wonderful that you’re on the mend.”

Dustin let out a long breath, finally feeling the weight lift from his heart.

The effort was not in vain. After toiling for so long, he had finally fulfilled a long-held aspiration.

After curing the old drunkard’s terminal ailment, it was time to avenge his mother.

He not only aimed to challenge the preeminent master within the estate, but also to unearth the truth of that fateful year.

Regardless of who was pulling the strings or what their background entailed, he wouldn’t relinquish easily.

One day, he would offer the head of the puppeteer behind the scenes as tribute to his departed mother!

“Jingle Bell…”

At that moment, the mobile phone’s ringtone chimed in.

As Dustin answered, Shiela’s voice came through urgently:

“Brother Dustin! This is dire!”

“My father is gravely injured and in a critical state. All the doctors are at a loss. Only you can save him now!”

“Please, I implore you, save my father!”

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