Chapter 1092

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Staring at the erupting alchemy furnace, Dustin’s expression shifted, instantly replaced by nervousness.

Just one point away, merely a whisker’s breadth from success.

Why? Why did it suddenly detonate?

Could it be that after toiling so long, everything was for naught?

“No… impossible!”

Dustin shook his head, sweat pouring like rain.

He was unwilling to fail and could not fathom the outcome before him.

He began to sift through the shattered alchemy furnace, clutching every trace and morsel of medicinal residue.

In this moment, he resembled a ravenous wolf foraging for sustenance in the wilderness, fierce and desperate.

After turning and overturning, his expression suddenly froze.

A glimmer of gold had suddenly surfaced at the bed of the medicinal residue.

This golden touch, in contrast to the surrounding medicinal remnants, was akin to a beacon in the dark, gleaming with unparalleled brilliance.

After a brief stupor, Dustin tentatively extended his hand, gingerly clearing away the medicinal residue surrounding the golden hue.

Bit by bit, inch by inch, with trepidation and anticipation, he slowly pushed aside all traces of the medicine dregs.

At last, a complete golden elixir lay plainly before his eyes.

This golden elixir was exquisite and translucent, warm and smooth, resembling gold, sparkling and resplendent.

Alongside it wafted a revitalizing medicinal fragrance.

“It’s… it’s done?”

Dustin’s eyes widened, a mix of astonishment and elation sweeping over him: “Hahahaha… it’s done! I’ve mastered the refining!”

He laughed heartily, his spirits soaring.

The explosion just now had nearly driven him to despair, but he hadn’t anticipated this miraculous turnaround; in the final moments, the Life-Extending Pill had taken form.

The painstaking search for so many top-quality elixirs had not been in vain.

“Old sot!”

Dustin booted open the medicine room door, cradling the life-sustaining pill in both hands as he strode out with fervour: “Behold this, my friend!”

Upon hearing the commotion, the drunkard, clutching a bottle of wine, swiveled around and was instantly stupefied: “****! Are you truly a whiz-kid? I thought it was all mere tomfoolery.”

The Life-Extending Pill, as chronicled in ancient tomes, might alleviate the symptoms of the five declines of heaven and man, but it was largely deemed a legend.

Who could say if it was fact or fiction? Could it indeed succeed?

Thus, at the outset, he held no hope whatsoever.

Yet now, gazing at the extraordinary golden elixir before him, he was immediately agitated.

“With this life-extending pill, it might just abate your five degenerations of heaven and man. Give it a whirl.” Dustin extended the golden pill.

“No need to hurry, no need to hurry. In such a momentous occasion, a drop of the good stuff is in order.”

The drunkard rubbed his hands and made his way to the vegetable plot behind the infirmary.

There, he picked up a spade and began excavating in a specific corner.

After some digging, he eventually unearthed three sealed flasks of wine.

These were vintages treasured by connoisseurs for years, hardly ever touched. Now, it was time to let them bask in the light once more.

“My darlings, have you missed me? Hehehehe…”

The drunkard grinned, gleefully hoisting one of the flasks, then returned to the main chamber.

The instant he unsealed the wine flask, a potent bouquet of wine permeated the air.

Inhale deeply, and it was invigorating and intoxicating.

“Come, come, today’s a day for celebration, so I’ll treat us all!”

As the drunkard spoke, he produced three thumb-sized pocket wine glasses.

Then, he took out a wine spoon and carefully poured a few drops into each glass.

Not a drop was wasted.

Dustin furrowed his brows at the sight. Was this old coot afraid of poisoning us?

“Don’t stand on ceremony, help yourselves, drink as you please!”

The drunkard spoke with such confidence that after filling the three small glasses, he simply cradled the wine flask and started to guzzle with gusto.

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