Chapter 1091

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It wasn’t until he saw Dustin’s half-smiling face that he finally came to his senses and said angrily: “You cheeky rascal! You’ve nothing better to do after a meal, eh? Let’s go cool off!”

After saying that, he slumped back onto the recliner and prepared to doze off.

“Alright, no napping, there’s business to attend to.”

Dustin retrieved two wooden boxes and placed them on the table respectively. They held the Millennium Green Lotus and the Qicai Ganoderma: “This time, we’ve had a good haul in the provincial capital. The last two top-notch elixirs have been gathered and can be brewed now. The longevity potion.”

“Oh? So swiftly?”

The tipsy man lazily sat upright: “I thought I wouldn’t last a few more days, but I didn’t expect you to gather all the elixirs so quickly. You’re truly fortunate!”

“Quit the chit-chat and bring out those previous elixirs.” Dustin urged.

“Alright, alright, let me fetch them for you.”

The inebriated man stretched himself, then started to rummage through the boxes and cupboards. After some struggle, he finally located all the elixirs in his collection.

“Maximus, stand guard at the door and make sure no one enters.” Dustin turned around and commanded.


Maximus responded, then fetched a stool and sat at the door, holding his sword with both hands, keeping a vigilant eye on his surroundings.

“Wan’er, gather some herbs for me.”

Dustin penned a prescription and handed it to Lin Wan’er.

Everything about Ping An Medical Clinic was fine, but business was slow, and medicinal supplies were even scarcer.


Lin Wan’er obediently nodded and swiftly departed.

Before long, she returned, panting, with an assortment of medicinal supplies.

“From this point on, I’ll be in seclusion for an indeterminate period. No one should disturb me until I emerge.”

With this advice, Dustin turned around and entered the medicine room.

Upon entering, he didn’t rush to prepare the elixirs, but retrieved an ancient tome and began to study it intently.

The Renewing Life Pill, formally known as the Nine-Turn Renewing Life Golden Pill.

As per records in ancient texts, it possesses the power of rejuvenation and even the ability to revive the deceased. It stands as the sole sacred medicine capable of countering the five declines of heaven and man.

However, for a century, no one has successfully concocted it.

Firstly, the ingredients are exceedingly hard to come by, and secondly, the process is immensely challenging.

Though Dustin wields masterful alchemical skills, he remains uncertain.

To prevent mishaps, he found himself poring over the prescription repeatedly.

Once he confirmed its accuracy, Dustin meditated in place for a stick of incense.

He only began preparing the elixir when his energy and spirit returned to their prime state.

Even though it was his maiden attempt, his movements were remarkably deft, devoid of any hesitation.

Due to the alchemical process, he’d mentally rehearsed it countless times.

The flames surged, and the scent of herbs wafted through the air.

Dustin commenced the systematic addition of various medicinal ingredients into the alchemy furnace. Concurrently, he employed his true energy to regulate the intensity of the fire.

Alchemy demanded precision; every detail could spell success or failure.

The age of the elixir, the methodology of refinement, the quality of the alchemy furnace, the temperature within the furnace, the sequence of ingredient addition, and the elusive element of luck.

All these factors bore upon the final product.

For Dustin, there was no room for error. A slight misstep might nullify all his prior efforts.

Especially for a sacred remedy like the Life-Sustaining Pill, perfection was imperative.

Time flowed steadily.

All the medicinal components had melded within the alchemy furnace.

Now came the most pivotal and challenging stage: allowing the elixir to take form.

Dustin rested his hands on the stove, managing his fervour with care.

Unbeknownst to him, beads of sweat formed on his forehead, and he expended a monumental amount of energy.

Inside the alchemy furnace, the mixture began to boil.

The lid vibrated with a resonant hum.

A distinctive fragrance gradually permeated from within.

“Success or failure hinges on this moment!”

Dustin drew in a deep breath and pushed forward with both palms.

His true energy surged forth like a raging tide.

The flames beneath the furnace suddenly soared, evidently approaching the critical juncture.

Just as Dustin waited with bated breath, the pill furnace exploded with a resounding “bang.”

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