Chapter 1090: Medical Center Reunion

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The next morning, Dustin made some simple arrangements for Zypher Lodge and immediately took a car to Swinston.

With the Cherusia in hand and all the required medicinal herbs gathered, everything was ready. All that was left was to refine the Longevitium (Life-Prolonging Pill).

Dustin had to hurry and fulfill his promise before the Old Drunkard’s (Gregory) life ran out.

After a car ride that took most of the day, Dustin finally arrived at Peaceful Medical Clinic.

The clinic was as peaceful and tranquil as usual.

The Old Drunkard was sprawled out on a recliner, reeking of alcohol. Caitlin, busy as always, was either cleaning or cooking, keeping the clinic in perfect order. Meanwhile, the sword fanatic Maximus was practicing his swordsmanship in the courtyard.

Compared to his previous fast-paced sword techniques, Maximus now focused on slow and precise movements. Although it looked ordinary, his sword energy was restrained and hidden, reaching a whole new level of power.

Clearly, during this time, Maximus had made great strides in his cultivation.


Just as Maximus was deeply immersed in his sword practice, a silver needle suddenly shot out and aimed for his chest.

Maximus’s eyes widened, and he swiftly turned around, slashing the silver needle with his sword, precisely hitting its tip.


The silver needle was deflected and disappeared into the ground.

“Who’s there? Show yourself!” Maximus pointed his sword at a large tree.

“Hehe, it’s been a few months, and I didn’t expect your progress to be so significant.” Dustin walked out slowly from behind the tree, a smile on his face.

Being able to shoot a silver needle that accurately could only be achieved by an extraordinary innate martial artist.

“Dustin?” Maximus was initially puzzled, but his expression turned into joy. “Haha… you’ve finally returned!”

He threw his long sword aside and gave Dustin a bear hug.

“Alright, alright, two grown men hugging each other, isn’t that a bit inappropriate?” Dustin looked at them with a weird expression.

“Caitlin, come out and see who’s back!” Maximus shouted into the house.

“Mr Rhys!”

Caitlin rushed out, her face filled with surprise. “Mr Rhys, when did you come back? Why didn’t you notify us in advance?”

“I just got back.”

Dustin smiled faintly. “How have you all been during this time?”

“We’ve been doing well, living peacefully with food and drink,” Caitlin replied with a smile. To her, this peaceful life was a dream come true.

“Brother Dustin, I’ve made another breakthrough in the past three months, and with the guidance of Senior Drunkard (Sir Gregory), my swordsmanship has improved significantly. I can make rapid progress now!” Maximus proudly reported.

“I can see that,” Dustin nodded in satisfaction. While Maximus was still at the Semi-Grandmaster level, his actual combat power could already contend with those at the Grandmaster level.

He was a sword genius who could fight above his weight class.

“How is the Old Drunkard doing?” Dustin asked.

“The Old Drunkard is still the same, getting drunk every day,” Maximus said helplessly.

“I’ll go take a look.”

Dustin smiled and entered Peaceful Medical Clinic.

The Old Drunkard lay sprawled out, his hair messy, and he reeked of alcohol. Drool dripped from the corners of his mouth, a typical drunkard’s appearance.

“Old Drunkard, wake up. Dustin is back,” Maximus said as he shook the Old Drunkard.

“Old Drunkard? Old Drunkard?!”

Maximus applied more force, but there was still no reaction.

“Let me try.”

Dustin bent down and whispered in the Old Drunkard’s ear, “Old Drunkard, the priceless Daughter’s Red wine you’ve been collecting for so many years has been stolen by someone.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the Old Drunkard suddenly opened his eyes wide and sprang up. His entire being was filled with anger as he shouted, “Who? Which bastard dares to steal my wine?”

He looked around with a vigilant gaze, even revealing a hint of killing intent.

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