Chapter 1089: A Sinister Plot

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“Sir Murray, your dad has already given away the Seven-Colored Spirit Mushroom,” Mrs. Hargrove shook her head.

“Gave it away? To whom?” Caden’s smile froze.

“To a young man named Dustin,” Mrs. Hargrove answered truthfully.

“What? Given to that kid?” Caden’s expression turned ugly.

He couldn’t believe that such a precious treasure had been given to a nobody like Dustin. Caden thought it was absurd.

Even though Dustin had saved Shiela’s life, he had already rewarded him generously. There was no need to be so kind to him.

“Can it be retrieved?” Caden was unwilling to accept this.

He had just made a promise in front of Tatsuharu Nakamura, and now it seemed that there was a problem.

“You know the master’s personality. Once something is given away, it cannot be taken back,” Mrs. Hargrove replied.

“Damn it! What did that kid Dustin do to deserve such a treasure?” Caden was frustrated.

Tatsuharu Nakamura then asked, “Who is Dustin? How did he earn General Murray’s favor?”

“He’s just a nobody who happened to save my daughter’s life. That’s why he earned my father’s favor,” Caden explained.

“In that case, does it mean that I have no chance to obtain the Seven-Colored Spirit Mushroom?” Tatsuharu Nakamura’s eyes narrowed.

“It’s not necessarily impossible…” Caden’s eyes gleamed with cunning. “Pal, even if we can’t get it openly, we can obtain it secretly. Dustin is just a weakling, and with the power of the Tatsuharu family, taking the Seven-Colored Spirit Mushroom from him should not be difficult, right?”

“Take it?” Tatsuharu Nakamura raised an eyebrow. “But isn’t he on good terms with General Murray? Will my actions offend General Murray?”

“You don’t need to worry about that. Neither of us needs to speak of this plan, and no one will know,” Caden said with a meaningful smile. “Furthermore, my father is just interested for the time being. He won’t go to war over a worthless young man. So, Pal, please proceed without worries. I’ll cover for you, and there won’t be any problems.”

“Oh? Is that so?” Tatsuharu Nakamura was tempted. “Since Sir Murray says so, I’ll take the risk.”

“Pal, wait for the right moment to strike. And if you manage to obtain the treasure, it’s best if…” Caden didn’t explicitly state his intentions but made a throat-slitting gesture.

Since Dustin didn’t appreciate their kindness, it might be better to eliminate him.

“Sir Murray’s request will be followed. I’ll take my leave now.”

Tatsuharu Nakamura nodded and then stood up, bowing respectfully before leaving with his two guards.

“Mrs. Hargrove, keep this incident to yourself. Do you understand?” Caden glanced at her meaningfully.

“I understand, my lord.”

“Very well, I’ll continue my cultivation. Wait outside, and do not let anyone disturb me,” Caden ordered.

Once Mrs. Hargrove left, he concealed the nameless sword Rai Setsu carefully and then sat down on the bed to begin his silent cultivation.

Soon, a layer of dark energy began to surface on his body. This dark energy was sinister and cold, causing the room’s temperature to plummet.

It felt like an ice cellar, freezing to the bone.

As he continued to cultivate, Caden’s body suddenly began to tremble, and large beads of sweat formed on his forehead. His face contorted in pain.

In the next moment, he spat out a mouthful of blood, and his entire body collapsed, unconscious.

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