Chapter 1088: Tatsuharu ‘s Request

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In a luxurious courtyard within the general’s residence, a young man dressed in fine clothing and with a slender build was drinking tea with Caden.

” Nakamura, I wonder what brings you here today?” Caden smiled and poured a cup of warm tea for the young man.

“Thank you,” Tatsuharu Nakamura politely accepted the tea and then said, “I’ve heard of your reputation, Lord Murray, and I came today mainly to make your acquaintance.”

He spoke in the Dragonmarsh’s language, albeit with a peculiar accent.

” Nakamura, I suspect your intention goes beyond mere pleasantries,” Caden replied with a meaningful look. “If you have something to say, please speak openly. We can be frank with each other.”

“Sir Murray, you are indeed straightforward. I won’t beat around the bush,” Tatsuharu Nakamura said, bowing slightly. “I came here today to pay my respects, but unfortunately, General Murray was too busy to meet me. If you could, Sir Murray, I hope you can put in a good word for me.”

As he spoke, he waved his hand, and one of his subordinates brought over a long wooden box.

The wooden box was about four feet long, and when opened, it revealed a magnificent katana.

Tatsuharu Nakamura picked up the katana with his fingers and presented it respectfully to Caden, explaining, “Sir Murray, this is one of our country’s ten renowned swords, the ‘Rai Setsu.’”

“This sword cuts through iron like mud, incredibly sharp, and it’s said to possess the power of lightning.”

“One swing of this sword is unstoppable, a treasure that countless samurai in our country dream of possessing.”

“Of course, a sword like Rai Setsu can only be matched by heroes like Sir Murray. Please accept it.”

Seeing the katana offered by Tatsuharu Nakamura, Caden’s eyes lit up, and his breathing became somewhat hurried.

He had heard of the name Rai Setsu before. As one of the most famous swords in the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix, its value was beyond measure.

Since he had improved his strength after practicing the Devouring Soul Technique, he had been in need of a suitable weapon. The appearance of Rai Setsu was undoubtedly a gift from heaven.

“Pal, you’re too polite. I feel unworthy of such a treasure,” Caden said, though his hand instinctively reached out to accept the katana.

“As long as you like it, Sir Murray.”

Tatsuharu Nakamura smiled faintly.

“Pal, besides paying respects to my father, you must have something else in mind, right?” Caden inquired after accepting the katana.

If he had come here just to meet and greet, there would have been no need to offer such a valuable treasure.

“Sir Murray, you are perceptive. I won’t hide it from you,” Tatsuharu Nakamura said, smiling. “I heard that General Murray possesses a Seven-Colored Spirit Mushroom, an extremely rare and valuable spiritual medicine. I am highly interested in it, and I would be most grateful if Sir Murray could help me obtain it. I have a substantial reward prepared.”

“So, you came for the medicine?” Caden nodded. “No problem at all. It’s a small matter. You can consider it done.”

Everyone in the family knew that General Christopher Murray didn’t care for material possessions. Any treasures he obtained were usually distributed to the younger generation as rewards.

As long as he asked, getting a medicinal herb like the Seven-Colored Spirit Mushroom should be straightforward.

“With your assurance, Sir Murray, I can rest easy,” Tatsuharu Nakamura said, relieved.

“Mrs. Hargrove, please inform my father. Tell him that the Cherusia is of great importance to me, and ask him to grant my request,” Caden instructed a nearby elderly woman.


Mrs. Hargrove nodded and then left. However, when she returned, her expression appeared somewhat solemn.

“Madam, did you settle it so quickly? What about the Seven-Colored Spirit Mushroom?” Caden asked with a smile.

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