Chapter 1087: Visit from Tatsuharu Nakamura

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The servant quickly understood and left the room. Before long, another servant returned, holding a delicate wooden box.

“Young man, here’s your item,” General Christopher received the wooden box and handed it over to Dustin.

Dustin carefully opened the box, and a unique fragrance immediately wafted out. Inside the wooden box lay a colorful spirit mushroom.

Cherusia was only the size of a palm, exquisitely beautiful, resembling a perfect work of art. Under the illumination of the light, it displayed seven different colors, like a dream, incredibly captivating.

“It really is a Seven-Colored Spirit Mushroom!” Dustin’s face lit up with joy. He stood up and bowed deeply to General Christopher Murray. “I’m extremely grateful to General Murray for parting with it.”

“I don’t need this item, so there’s no harm in giving it to you. It might even earn me a favor,” General Christopher was quite generous.

“General Murray, I can’t thank you enough. If there’s anything I can do for you in the future, please don’t hesitate to ask,” Dustin said, grateful for the precious gift.

“Enough of the formalities. Later, you can accompany me and have a few drinks,” Christopher said nonchalantly.

“Alright, I’ll make sure to enjoy a good drink with you tonight!” Dustin smiled. Then, as if he had remembered something, he suddenly said, “By the way, General, there’s something I need to remind you about. I recently received some information that there may be some mischief on the day of your birthday. You should be prepared.”

It was something he had heard from Samuel Franklin earlier, and his visit today had raised concerns about it.

“It’s not something new. Every year, these vermin find ways to trouble me. I’ve gotten used to it,” Christopher said nonchalantly.

As the protector of the Dragonmarsh and a veteran of countless battles, he had made many enemies both within and outside the country. Numerous people wished for his death and plotted various assassinations and ambushes. Over the years, he had seen it all.

Why would he fear life or death?

“As long as General Murray is aware,” Dustin replied with a nod, not elaborating further.

At General Christopher Murray’s level, he must have skilled individuals protecting him. Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to get close to him.

“Sir, there is a distinguished guest outside who wishes to see you,” a steward suddenly entered and respectfully reported.

“Distinguished guest? Who is it?” General Christopher Murray asked indifferently.

“The visitor is a noble from the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix, Tatsuharu Nakamura,” the steward replied with his head lowered.

“Tatsuharu Nakamura? Is it Tatsuharu’s grandson? Why is he here?” General Christopher Murray was somewhat puzzled.

“I heard that Tatsuharu Yamamoto was not in good health and urgently needs a high-quality spirit medicine to prolong his life. Tatsuharu Nakamura has come for the Seven-Colored Spirit Mushroom,” the steward truthfully reported.

“Hmph! Does that old dog Tatsuharu deserve to use the Seven-Colored Spirit Mushroom? Tell him to scram!” General Christopher Murray’s expression turned cold.

“Understood,” the steward didn’t dare to say more and quickly left the room.

“That guy Tatsuharu Yamamoto dares to covet the treasures of the Dragonmarsh? Let him eat s**t!” General Christopher Murray said with disdain.

He didn’t care about Tatsuharu Yamamoto or his family’s request.

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