Chapter 1097

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Just as he was about to speak, Lily’s voice cut through the tension: “That’s enough! Now is not the time for arguing about these matters; saving lives is of paramount importance!”

“Indeed, Brother Dustin, please save my father!” Sheila Murray chimed in quickly.

Despite Yamada Michio’s esteemed reputation, her trust leaned more towards Dustin.

Dustin was ready to step forward, but Garrett halted him firmly: “Human lives are at stake, and we can’t afford to act recklessly. This illness must be treated by Mr. Yamada.”

“I’ve said it before; he won’t cure it. He’ll only bring harm to others,” Dustin responded, his tone icy.

“If even Mr. Yamada can’t cure it, then what chance do you have?” Caden turned his gaze suddenly to Lily and said, “Second Aunt, you should be the one making this decision. Do you have faith in Dr. Yamada, or do you trust this individual?”

Lily hesitated for a moment. She had witnessed Dustin’s remarkable medical skills before; they had successfully cured her daughter’s peculiar ailment. However, Michio Yamada was a renowned miracle doctor with decades of experience and expertise that likely surpassed Dustin’s.

For the sake of caution, she chose to place more trust in Yamada Michio.

“Mom, Sister Shiela is incredibly skilled. Treating this disease won’t pose a problem for her!” Chase Johnson suddenly spoke up.

“Shiela, it’s your father’s life at stake. How can you entrust it to an unknown junior? If something goes wrong, who will take responsibility?” Garrett frowned.

“Indeed, Shiela, this accusation seems quite unreliable. Mr. Yamada is more experienced,” Vivian added, attempting to persuade her.

“Mr. Yamada possesses exceptional medical skills; he can definitely cure the disease. If it were this guy, Uncle Caden would be in jeopardy!” Chase Johnson cautioned.

As the arguments continued, Shiela’s confidence wavered. She was naturally soft-spoken, and with everyone’s opinions swirling around, her faith began to waver.

“Madam, you wouldn’t want anything to happen to your husband, would you?” Michio Yamada said with a meaningful tone.

Lily hesitated once more before turning to Dustin, apologizing, “Younger sister, you’ve made quite the effort, but please allow Mr. Yamada to treat him.”

“Madam, I’m not seeking recognition, but Michio Yamada won’t be able to cure him at all. In fact, it might worsen his condition. Please reconsider,” Dustin implored, his expression grave.

Despite his lingering animosity toward Caden, he was willing to help for the sake of Shiela and Old General Murong, provided the Murong family put their trust in him.

“Younger sister, Mr. Yamada is well-respected, highly skilled, and very confident. I believe he can cure this illness,” Lily responded with certainty.

“Are you absolutely certain about this?”

Dustin furrowed his brow slightly. “Once Yamada Michio takes action and exacerbates his condition, I may not be able to save him.”

“I am sure,” Lily affirmed, her tone resolute. “Younger sister, please step outside and allow Mr. Yamada to work without any hindrance.”

With these words, she had effectively issued an order to have the guests removed.

“Did you hear that? Clear out and make way!”

“Hmph! How dare an unknown individual challenge Mr. Yamada? She truly overestimates her capabilities!”

The onlookers wore expressions of sarcasm and disdain.

“I hope you won’t come to regret this.”

Dustin took a deep breath, turned, and left without uttering another word. She had said all that needed to be said and attempted to convince all who needed convincing. She no longer cared whether Caden lived or died.

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