Chapter 1098

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“Brother Dustin!”

As Dustin left, Sheila felt a surge of panic and quickly followed him, her guilt evident in her voice. “Brother Dustin, I’m terribly sorry. I didn’t expect Mr. Yamada to show up. It’s all my fault. Please don’t be angry.”

“Shiela, I’m not upset. From a medical perspective, I also wish for your father’s recovery. It’s just unfortunate that my expertise isn’t trusted,” Dustin shook his head.

He had given her numerous warnings, and if people failed to appreciate his advice, he couldn’t force his way in.

“Brother Dustin, I believe in you, but…” Sheila hesitated.

At home, her parents made the decisions, and as their daughter, she had no say.

“It’s alright, Sheila. You should go back to the ward. I’ll step outside for a coffee. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to call me,” Dustin smiled, giving her a reassuring pat on the shoulder.


Sheila nodded and retreated into the ward, feeling a pang of guilt for inconveniencing him.

“Sheila, why are you so concerned about that man? Just let him go. What’s the fuss? Is an insurance agent even worth your attention?” Vivian began to sow discord as Sheila returned.

“Exactly! With Mr. Yamada here, we don’t need that man to do anything,” Chase Johnson added, casting a disdainful glance towards the door.

“Mr. Yamada, no one will hinder your work anymore. Please proceed with the treatment,” Lily urged.

“Very well, since you are so sincere, I will assist you once more,” Yamada Michio replied with an air of mystery. He opened the black medicine bottle and administered the brewed gold and jade elixir to Caden.

Afterward, he retrieved silver needles from his medical kit and skillfully inserted them into Caden’s acupuncture points. After several consecutive insertions, he finally stopped.

“My acupuncture technique also has the added benefit of clearing blockages and improving Qi and blood flow. Combined with the priceless Jinyu Decoction, I guarantee a complete recovery for the patient!” Michio Yamada declared confidently.

“In that case, that’s wonderful,” Lily said with a hint of nervousness, her eyes fixed on Caden lying in the hospital bed.

The Jinyu Decoction worked swiftly. Caden’s pallid complexion gradually regained color and radiance. His weak breath grew strong and robust. The monitor’s readings steadily returned to normal.

In just a few minutes, Caden’s ECG, blood pressure, pulse rate, and body temperature all stabilized. Though he remained unconscious, his condition was no longer critical.

“It’s working, it’s working! The patient’s vital signs are back to normal, and he’s completely stable!”

“Mr. Yamada truly is extraordinary. With just a few injections and medications, he saved a terminally ill patient. It’s incredible!”

“A miraculous doctor! He’s a miracle worker!”

The sight of Caden’s recovery filled everyone with excitement and admiration. Moments ago, many doctors had been at a loss, but as soon as Yamada Michio intervened, Caden was on the path to recovery. His medical expertise was truly remarkable!

“Second Aunt, Sheila, am I right? With Mr. Yamada here, Second Uncle will undoubtedly recover,” Garrett exclaimed with a smile.

“Mr. Yamada is truly exceptional, and our family is immensely grateful,” Lily said, her face reflecting her astonishment.

Previously, Caden had lain on the brink of death, his body cold and his breathing feeble. Now, he appeared rejuvenated, with rosy cheeks and vitality, as if he had been reborn.

“Choosing Mr. Yamada to treat his illness was the wisest decision you could have made. Otherwise, the patient wouldn’t have made it through the day,” Michio Yamada said confidently, lifting his head with pride.

“Absolutely, Mr. Yamada’s medical skills are unparalleled,” Garrett praised.

“Compared to Mr. Yamada, the doctors in the UK are utterly inept. There’s simply no comparison in their abilities. It’s shameful that these local doctors prefer to pose rather than admit their limitations. They deserve to be scorned,” Chase Johnson declared, disdain etched across his face.

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