Chapter 1083: Family Discussion

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Max remained composed, his gaze hostile.

“No, I won’t!” Shiela clenched her lips, refusing to give in.


Max raised his hand, intending to strike her, but Dustin grabbed his arm and coldly warned, “If you dare to act recklessly again, be prepared for me to break your hand!”


“Release Sir Murray!”

The surrounding soldiers approached, their rifles aimed menacingly at Dustin’s head.


At this moment, a loud voice suddenly resounded from outside the door.

Everyone turned to look and saw a middle-aged man with a heroic appearance and a beautiful woman accompanying him, striding in energetically.

These two people were none other than Shiela’s parents, Caden and Lily.

“Big brother, what exactly did our daughter Shiela do to make you point a gun at her?” Caden asked sternly, his face cold.

He had witnessed the earlier slap clearly.

“Big brother, do you think that our Shiela is the culprit?” Caden squinted his eyes.

“Shiela isn’t, but all her friends, including this lad, are under suspicion, especially this boy!” Max pointed at Dustin.

“It’s you?”

Caden looked over, his brow furrowing involuntarily.

He remembered their encounter in Swinston; they had clashed over the Gozoraberry Fruit. Later, his father had unexpectedly removed him from the position of Family Head.

So, he held a deep aversion toward Dustin.

“What? Second brother knows him?” Max examined Dustin up and down.

“I’ve met him once, but I wouldn’t say we know each other,” Caden replied calmly. “Big brother, when Father returns, he will see what you’ve done. If he finds out, he’ll blame you. If you trust me, let me handle this. If there is someone plotting behind the scenes, I will definitely find the culprit and avenge Morgan!”

With a meaningful glance at Dustin, Caden added, “You better cooperate.”

After a brief hesitation, Max nodded reluctantly. “Fine, I’ll give you face this time. I’ll let them go for now, but you better provide an explanation soon.”

“No problem,” Caden agreed with a slight nod.


Max waved his hand, and with a group of soldiers in tow, he left in haste.

Although he didn’t care much about Caden, he dared not escalate the situation further, especially if his father found out.

“Lily, take Shiela and her friends to rest for a while. I have something to discuss with Dustin,” Caden instructed his wife with a meaningful look.

“Shiela, don’t worry. It’s just a conversation; there’s no need to be nervous,” Lily reassured her daughter with a smile before leading the group inside.

“Lad, what’s your real purpose in getting close to my daughter?” Caden inquired directly.

“You’ve misunderstood. Shiela and I are just friends,” Dustin replied calmly.

“Just friends?”

Caden snorted. “If you were just friends, would my daughter go to such lengths to protect you?”

“Shiela has a good personality; she stands up for her friends. What’s wrong with that?” Dustin countered.

“Kid, don’t think I don’t know what you’re up to.”

Caden gave Dustin a piercing glare. “I’ve seen many like you, trying to climb higher by latching onto someone else. Just so you know, you’re not qualified! If you’re smart, stay away from my daughter. Understand that I saved you just now; at the same time, I can destroy you!”

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