Chapter 1082: Fierce Confrontation

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“Uncle! Please don’t act recklessly! They are all my friends!” Shiela exclaimed, startled, raising her hands to shield her friends.

“Hmph! A bunch of dubious characters; just looking at them, I can tell they’re up to no good. Step aside!” Max snapped.

“I won’t let you! They’re all innocent! You can’t harm them!” Shiela argued passionately.

“Lord Max, we didn’t do anything wrong; this is all a misunderstanding!” Vivian quickly explained.

“Yeah, yeah! It was just an accident that Morgan got injured, and it had nothing to do with us!” the others chimed in, sounding panicked.

With Max in power and his reputation for decisiveness, if they fell into his hands, it wouldn’t end well. Even if they didn’t die, they’d likely suffer greatly.

“Still trying to talk your way out of this? If it weren’t for your tampering, how could Black Dragon suddenly go berserk? Do you take me for a fool?” Max said sternly.

Based on the information he had received, there were two suspicious points in this incident. First, Black Dragon was a well-trained warhorse; how could it lose to a small horse? Second, Black Dragon had never behaved aggressively or disobeyed orders before, so why did it suddenly attack its rider? These raised doubts in his mind.

“Wait a minute! Lord Max Murray, if someone is really at fault here, it must be him!” At this moment, Chase Johnson suddenly pointed at Dustin and started accusing him. “Just now, he raced against Morgan and even won. He has the strongest motive!”

“That’s right! I thought it was strange at the time, and now that I think about it, this guy is indeed suspicious. He must have harmed Morgan!” Vivian echoed, fervently agreeing.

“Lord Max, you should arrest him. We have nothing to do with this!” the others added frantically.

At this point, the truth didn’t matter; they just wanted to distance themselves from the situation and avoid trouble.

Otherwise, they would undoubtedly suffer if they were caught.

“It’s you!”

Max’s sharp gaze soon settled on Dustin. “You won the race just now, didn’t you?”

“I did win the race, but your daughter’s injury was her own fault, and it had nothing to do with me,” Dustin replied calmly.

While he had indeed employed some tactics to stall Black Dragon momentarily, he hadn’t intentionally harmed anyone. The blame lay with Morgan for her impulsive actions, which provoked Black Dragon.

“Her own fault?”

Max’s face darkened even further, and he sneered, “Very well… very well! You really did it, didn’t you? Men, come and grab this lad for me! We’ll use torture to extract a confession!”


Four armed soldiers immediately stepped forward, raising their rifles, ready to apprehend him.

“Stop! Don’t come any closer!” Shiela suddenly drew a knife and stood in front of Dustin, declaring, “If any of you dare to make a move, don’t blame me for not being polite!”

The four soldiers exchanged glances and hesitated, not daring to approach her.

As the beloved granddaughter of the old general, Shiela held a high position in the family.


Max shouted, “Shiela! You dare to shield this murderer!?”

“Dustin is not a murderer, and you have no evidence to arbitrarily arrest him!” Shiela argued firmly.

“Evidence? Hmph! My word is evidence enough!” Max declared confidently, “Once I subject him to severe torture, he’ll confess. Move aside!”

“No!” Shiela remained resolute.


Max’s anger flared, and he delivered a heavy slap across Shiela’s face.


The blow sent Shiela stumbling, her fair and delicate face quickly swelling.


Seeing this, Dustin couldn’t help but furrow his brows.

He hadn’t expected Max to be so unreasonable and to strike even his own niece.

“Get out of the way, or I’ll arrest you too!”

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