Chapter 1084: Confrontation

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“Caden, are you trying to threaten me?” Dustin’s smile slowly faded as he listened to the harsh words.

He had never liked Caden from the beginning, considering him to be a person who lacked integrity, someone who was unreliable.

“If you heed my advice, it’s a warning; if you don’t, it’s a threat,” Caden openly admitted without any hesitation.

“Let me make it clear once more, Shiela and I are just ordinary friends. Between you and me, it’s best that we keep our distance,” Dustin calmly stated.

“Young man, it seems you haven’t quite understood yet.”

Caden coldly snorted. “With your kind of personality, do you really think you can be friends with my daughter? Are you even qualified? Please, take a look in the mirror and reflect on your character. The threshold of our Murray family is not something you can reach.”

What was once a threat had now turned into open humiliation.

“Caden, don’t overestimate yourself. Your pride is not worth mentioning in my eyes,” Dustin retorted.

“Humph! You may not have much ability, but you certainly have a big mouth. Do you truly believe I can’t deal with you?” Caden’s eyes flashed with a cold light.

“I advise you not to act recklessly. You might regret it,” Dustin warned.

If someone doesn’t offend me, I won’t offend them. If someone offends me, I will definitely respond.

“Young man, no one has ever dared to speak to me like this before. Since you’re so ungrateful, don’t blame me for turning hostile!” Caden declared, his face cold. “People, come here! This guy plotted against Morgan, causing her severe injuries that landed her in the hospital. We now have irrefutable evidence. Seize him for me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the group of soldiers stationed at the door immediately turned around and surrounded Dustin.

“Are you trying to slander me?” Dustin furrowed his brows.

“I gave you a chance, but you didn’t appreciate it. Now, it’s too late for regrets!” Caden sneered.

Seeing the soldiers approaching, Dustin waved his hand, and a row of silver needles shot out.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…”

In the next moment, all the soldiers froze in place, unable to move, as if they had been hit by a petrification spell.


Seeing this, Caden couldn’t help but look surprised. “You do have some skills. No wonder you’re so arrogant. However, you’ve met your match today!”

With that, he suddenly made a move, reaching out with a claw-like hand. His fingers were as hard as iron, shiny and black, clearly carrying a potent poison.

As he extended his claw, a black mist swirled around him, emanating a bone-chilling cold.


Dustin’s pupils contracted, and he quickly dodged to the side, while shouting, “Wait! Are you practicing the Soul-Devouring Technique?”

“What’s the matter? Are you scared now?” Caden sneered. “I’m even more formidable than you thought. It seems you’re just a coward who fears evil. Do you really think I believe your nonsense?”

“Kid, don’t think I’m afraid of your words.”

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