Chapter 1085: Caden’s Surprise

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“Dustin, the Soul-Devouring Technique is a shortcut method, only practiced by those who have no other choice. If you continue practicing like this, you’ll die sooner or later!” Dustin solemnly warned.

“Nonsense! I’m in great shape now, stronger than ever before. Even if a thousand soldiers are in front of me, I’m not afraid in the slightest!” Caden boasted.

“Strength is only superficial. Right now, you’re already gravely ill. If you persist in your foolishness, you’ll harm yourself and others!” Dustin cautioned.

Practicing the Soul-Devouring Technique, if it led to a sudden death, it might even be considered a fortunate outcome. The real danger lay in going insane, with unpredictable consequences.

The first to suffer would be those around the practitioner, like friends and family.

You never knew when Caden might go mad and end up killing Shiela.

“Young man! Don’t babble any more nonsense. Even if you speak like a sage today, I won’t spare you!” Caden sneered, preparing to attack again.

Just as Dustin was about to counterattack, a gunshot suddenly rang out from outside the main gate.


At the sound of the gunshot, both of them instinctively stopped their movements.

Turning their heads in the direction of the sound, they saw an elderly man with graying hair, a robust figure, and several subordinates walking towards them with their heads held high.

The elderly man had a square face, a stubble of beard on his chin, and his imposing aura exuded a strong sense of killing intent.

This was none other than General Christopher Murray, the Dragonmarsh’s General and Defender of the Nation!


Seeing the newcomer, Caden instantly lost his temper, standing meekly to the side with an expression of respect.

“What’s going on? Fighting in front of the house? Aren’t you afraid of being laughed at?” General Murray asked sternly.

“Dad, this guy secretly harmed Morgan, and I was about to apprehend him for questioning,” Caden explained with a lowered head.


Christopher looked at Dustin. “Young man, you look somewhat familiar. What’s your name?”

“The humble servant Dustin, and I greet General Murray,” Dustin respectfully greeted him.


Christopher’s eyes lit up, and he laughed heartily. “So it’s you, young man. I knew you looked familiar.”

“Dad, do you know him?” Caden asked, somewhat bewildered.

“This young man saved Shiela’s life. Don’t you remember?” General Christopher Murray scolded him, displeased.

“Oh, right.”

Caden remembered, feeling a little embarrassed.

“This young man has treated our family for illness, and we paid him for his services. So, we don’t owe him anything,” Caden explained with a stiff expression. “Besides, this guy harmed Morgan. If I don’t capture him, I won’t be able to explain it to Big Brother Max.”

“Is Morgan dead?” General Christopher Murray asked.

“Not dead, but…” Caden wanted to stir up more trouble, but he was interrupted by Christopher’s impatience. “If she’s not dead, then that’s fine. Why so much nonsense? If Max has any objections, let him come find me!”


Caden was taken aback. Why had his father suddenly changed so much? His own granddaughter had been harmed, and he didn’t seem to care?

“What are you standing there for? Get out of the way!”

General Christopher Murray pushed Caden aside and then hooked his arm around Dustin’s shoulder, smiling mischievously. “Young man, you’ve come a long way. Let’s have a few drinks tonight!”


Seeing the two men walk away, Caden stood still, somewhat dazed.

What was going on? Had he seen a ghost today?

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