Chapter 987

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Abigail was shocked. She hid behind Azalea, trembling.

She was fearless in most aspects, but supernatural stuff scared her.

“Who are you?” Dustin frowned, his face hardened.

He was caught off guard. But the fact that the person could push him back with a single palm strike proved their strength.

The person before him was definitely an ultimate grandmaster!

“This is my tomb. Who do you think I am?”

The mist surrounding the figure dissipated.

Soon, they saw the face of a white–haired woman with a youthful appearance appear

before them. She possessed a beauty that could captivate nations.

Even with white hair, her face looked like she didn’t age. Her deep eyes seemed to have witnessed and seen all of life’s experiences through everything.

“Your tomb?” Dustin was stunned.

His expression then shifted. “Are you Iris Meskill?”

“Iris Meskill?” Even Abigail and Azalea were stunned, their face full of disbelief.

Didn’t Iris die 50 years ago? Why was she alive? What was happening?

“You know my name, yet you dare steal from my tomb? Are you asking for death?”

Iris’s tone was calm, yet it conveyed chilling pressure.

“Madam Iris, we didn’t come here to steal from you. We’re here to obtain the Shadowbloom

to save a life,” Dustin explained.

“Do you know how precious the Shadowbloom is? Why should I give it to you?” she replied


“Please state your conditions, and I’ll fulfill them as best as possible.” Dustin bowed


“Conditions?” Iris snorted.


“If you can revive my husband, I’ll give it to you.”

“Madam Iris, this is a difficult request.”

Dustin frowned slightly. “How can a dead man be brought back to life?”

There was nothing but bones left of the person in the coffin. Not even God could bring him

back to life.

“Since you know that the dead can’t be brought back to life, don’t covet the Shadowbloom


“Since you were polite earlier, I won’t kill you. Leave.” Iris waved her hand dismissively.

“Madam Iris, I must take this flower back with me!” Dustin was determined.

“Take? What makes you think you can?” Iris‘ gaze grew colder.

“I’d like to try.” Dustin was solemn.

“Aren’t you afraid of death?” She narrowed her eyes.

“Even if I die, I must take this flower back!” Dustin was resolute.

“Very well, I’ll grant your wish!”

Iris‘ anger flared, and she leaped into the air. Her palm strike was aimed at Dustin.

Although it seemed like a harmless strike, it carried explosive power that could

disintegrate a person.

Dustin felt his scalp tingle before it hit him, and every hair on his body stood on its end. A

sense of danger surged within him.

Fifty years ago, Iris was already a top ultimate grandmaster. After 50 years, her cultivation. had reached an unimaginable level, surpassing all others.

“I’m giving it all I got!”

Dustin gritted his teeth. He jabbed a silver needle into the back of his head.

This was the Rhys family’s secret technique. By sacrificing a portion of their life force,

they could bring out their untapped potential and gain a temporary boost in strength.

Dustin’s eyes turned bloodshot as the needle entered his body, and his veins bulged

against his skin.


Energy surged within him like an erupting volcano. He was unstoppable.

Breaking through the constraints of a grandmaster, he took a huge leap forward and stepped into the realm of an ultimate grandmaster!

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