Chapter 999

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“God damn it! If I had Neptune’s power, I would be a hundred times cockier than he was!”

The martial artists chattered among themselves. They were not only amazed, but they were also

filled with admiration for him.

Who else had the guts to provoke three grandmasters in Balerno?

“How dare you, Michael! Do you think we’re afraid of you?”

Theodore was furious. It was humiliating to be publicly scolded by someone younger.

“Robinson, don’t go overboard!”

Graham was angry, too. “We were showing respect by offering advice as fellow grandmasters. But if you insist on opposing us, don’t blame us for using violence!”


Orson let out a soft sigh. “Sir Robinson, if you remain stubborn, I can only follow the will of the


“Since the three of you won’t let this matter go, let’s fight.

“After all, it’s been long since I’ve stretched my muscles.” Michael suddenly laughed.

A deep aura started to flow out from him. The surrounding temperature dropped, and a swirling

hurricane began to take shape.

“Michael Robinson! Don’t forget that we are at an advantage in a three–on–two fight!” Theodore


“Three–on–two fight?”

Michael shook his head.

“No, no, no. You guys are mistaken. There is no need for Dustin to join in the fight. I alone am enough to go against the three of you.”

His words stunned the crowd.

Neptune was going to go against three grandmasters alone?

What a joke!

Theodore and his gang were a group of veteran grandmasters, not some novice wannabes. He was

asking for trouble by going against three alone.

“Michael Robinson! You are too reckless! I’ll teach you a lesson today!” Theodore was livid.


He leaped forward, leading the attack.

“You arrogant fool! Let’s see how skilled you are!” Graham followed closely, aiding him in his


“Sir Robinson, let me save you from your internal suffering!” Orson refused to be outdone and shot


A golden light enveloped his body,

The three grandmasters launched an attack from three different directions.

“Great! Come at me!” Michael laughed heartily and shot into the air, turning into a streak of light.

At that moment, the four engaged in intense combat. They moved so fast that it made it

impossible to tell them apart.

After they collided, thunder roared one after the other.

The grandmaster energy they released was tremendous as it swept across all directions. The soil was upturned, and giant trees were uprooted wherever it went.

Everything in its way couldn’t withstand their force. The onlooking martial artists could only

retreat further and further.

A single ripple from a grandmaster’s attack was enough to injure divine–level martial artists


“What the hell? Are they really fighting? Neptune is going against three on his own! This is


“Is this what a grandmaster’s battle looks like? It’s terrifying!”

The crowd looked on in apprehension.

“Sir, will my dad be alright?”

Abigail was nervous as she watched their shadows darting around. She knew how strong her

father was.

But it was hard to come out victorious in a match against three.

“There’s no need to worry. Mr. Robinson will be fine.”

Dustin smiled. “Even though the three of them are strong, they won’t be able to hurt Mr. Robinson.

“To be precise, anyone below the level of an ultimate grandmaster is no match for Mr. Robinson.”

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