Chapter 986

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Seeing the two of them fight non–stop, Azalea couldn’t stand it anymore. “If neither of you wants it, why don’t you give it to me?”

If she was shameless enough, they might give it to her.

“Don’t be stupid!” Dustin glared at her.

He forced the Celestial Pearl back into Abigail’s pocket and said, “Take care of it. This treasure chose you. If you push it back, I’ll be mad!”

“Oh okay, then. I’ll use it for a while, then give it to you.” After hesitating, Abigail still

decided to keep it close to her.

She thought that once she grew stronger, she could help Dustin more.

When she touched the Celestial Pearl, she could feel a cooling energy flow into her body

and her core. It empowered her internal energy and strengthened her circulatory


If this continued, she would have another breakthrough within three to five days.

Her cultivation speed was advancing fast!

“Alright, let’s look around. Do you see any Shadowblooms here?”

Without wasting time, Dustin began searching all over.

The tomb contained many treasures. There were powerful weapons, ancient martial arts texts, and priceless artifacts.

Each item’s worth could give a person a comfortable lifestyle for a lifetime.

However, Dustin wasn’t interested in these. On the other hand, Azalea took everything

that she could find.

After searching the entire tomb, Dustin didn’t find any Shadowblooms.

The only place he hadn’t searched yet was the bronze coffin.

“Sorry!” Dustin faced the coffin and bowed deeply. Then, he pressed his palm to the

coffin’s lid and pushed.

Metallic creaking sounded as the coffin slowly opened. Dust rained down below.


When Dustin looked inside, his eyes widened.

He found the remains of a man wearing a beautiful suit.

On his chest was an exquisite flower.

The entire flower was black, and it emitted a dim glow.

It gave off a mysterious, sad, gloomy, yet beautiful feeling.

It was eerie and enchanting but also fierce. It looked like it came from another world.

With just one glance, he was captivated. This flower was none other than the


“As I thought, it’s here!” Dustin was overjoyed.

With this Shadowbloom, Natasha could be saved.

“Please forgive me for offending you.”

Dustin bowed another time, then reached for the Shadowbloom.

“Sir, behind you!” Abigail suddenly exclaimed.


Dustin turned his head. One of the stone statues behind him was suddenly moving.

There was a crackle as the statue’s outer layer began to crack and fall off piece by piece.

Then, the statue’s eyes snapped open!

The stone layer on its body exploded when it opened his eyes.

At the same time, a white figure burst through the rock and slammed Dustin in the chest.

Frowning, Dustin raised his arm in response.


When both of them touched, Dustin staggered backward from the momentum, wobbling

on his feet.

Every step backward that he took left a deep footprint on the ground.

On the other hand, the white figure landed gently on the ground. White mist swirled

around it, giving it a holy yet evil aura.

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