Chapter 985

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“Sir, we’re not disciples of the Jade Maiden Sisterhood. Should we pray?” Abigail asked.

“We should respect the dead,” Dustin said, nodding.

Iris was a great legend. Although she already passed, she deserved to be respected.

“Okay.” Abigail agreed. She kneeled in front of the stone tablet and kowtowed.

Suddenly, the stone tablet began rumbling. It sunk into the earth and disappeared.

Then, an exquisite box emerged from the stone tablet’s original spot.

“Sir, there’s something here!” Abigail’s eyes lit up, and she immediately opened the box.

A golden pearl was Inside the wooden box. It was dazzling and sparkling.

The golden liquid inside was spinning like a whirlpool. It was absorbing the spiritual energy from its surroundings.

“Oh my gosh, is this the Celestial Pearl?!” Azalea’s eyes grew wide with shock.

Even the ever–composed Dustin was surprised.

He never thought the box would contain a legendary sacred relic of the martial world–the

Celestial Pearl!

“What’s a Celestial Pearl?” Abigail cocked her head in confusion.

Wasn’t it just a pretty jewel? Why were they freaking out?

“Abigail, you struck gold this time!” Azalea was jumping out and down in excitement.

“The Celestial Pearl is one of the three major sacred relics. It’s the best, something that numerous martial artists could only dream of!

“Its biggest use is in increasing the speed of cultivation by 10 to 100 times! With the Celestial Pearl, a loser could become a genius overnight!

“Of course, if a genius got their hands on this treasure, their power would be unimaginable!

“It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that once the Celestial Pearl appears, there will be a

bloodbath in the martial world!”

By the end of her explanation, her face was flushed.


This prized treasure in front of them could make someone a whole new person and achieve great heights!

Who wouldn’t be envious?

“Huh, it’s that powerful?” Abigail was shocked and found it hard to comprehend the


She’d assumed that it was some kind of decorative jewelry. She didn’t think it was such a

big deal.

“Abigail, remember, you can’t tell anyone about the Celestial Pearl. Or else, there’ll be consequences!” Dustin warned her sternly.

Even he couldn’t help but feel a desire for this treasure.

“Sir, this is too precious. I can’t take care of it. You should take it.”

Abigail was a little scared, so she handed the Celestial Pearl to Dustin without a second


“Abigail, you-!” Azalea’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Was that girl stupid? Did she give away this treasure that could change one’s fate that

others desperately search for?

Even a fool wouldn’t do this!

“You silly girl, you’re the one who followed the writings, so the Celestial Pearl naturally belongs to you. You keep it.” Dustin smiled and pushed her hand back.

“What?” Azalea was once again dumbfounded.

She thought Dustin would be overjoyed, but he unexpectedly turned it down.

Was he also stupid?

“Sir, you’re more talented than me. You would use it better.” Abigail shoved it to him again.

“If I use it now, I won’t improve much. A beginner like you needs it to increase your cultivation speed.” Dustin pushed it back.

“I don’t want it, you take it!”

“Don’t be silly, keep it!”

“I don’t even want it!”

“You need it!”

The both of them pushed it back and forth. In the end, they got so worked up that they

almost fought.

At the side, Azalea’s lips twitched. She looked at the scene before her, not knowing how to

feel about it.

Did they think this was a game?

This was a fucking sacred relic of the martial world!

This treasure made countless martial artists crazy with desire!

Could the two of them at least show it some respect?!

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