Chapter 984

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“Go on, pull it out if you can.

Dustin didn’t want to waste his breath any longer. He tossed the sword back to its original

spot and walked out the stone doors.

There were three stone doors in the stone room. Dustin simply chose one and entered.

He didn’t prolong the situation for Emily’s and Vanessa’s sake. Instead, he chose to go his

separate way.

After all, it wasn’t like Walter could retrieve the sword. There was no harm in leaving the

sword here.

The most important thing was the Shadowbloom.

Once he found the Shadowbloom, he could still return and get the sword.

“Stop right there, punk!”

As Walter watched Dustin walk away, his anger flared. He raised his hand and was about to

deliver a lethal blow.

“Stop!” At that moment, Vanessa suddenly jumped between them.

Walter jumped in fright. Afraid that he would accidentally injure his daughter, he stopped


Ultimately, he watched Dustin and the two others slowly walk into the darkness.

“Stupid girl, how dare you go against me over an outsider? You’re incredibly foolish!”

Walter stamped his foot in disappointment.

How did he raise such an ungrateful child?

“Dad, the treasure is important, but you can’t give up your conscience!” Vanessa said



Walter raised his hand to hit her, but in the end, he stopped himself.

He only had one precious daughter. He couldn’t hurt her.


“Master Chasey, he is gone, but the sword is here. Why don’t we try again?” Emily said


“Hmph! I refuse to believe that only that punk can pull it out!”

Walter gritted his teeth and approached the sword again. Then, he grabbed the hilt with

both hands and tried to lift it.

However, the sword didn’t budge. It reacted differently than it did in Dustin’s presence.

“Useless! Trash! I’ll destroy you!”

Walter tried a few more times, and his embarrassment turned into anger.

Since he couldn’t get it, he wanted to destroy it. He slammed his palm on the hilt of the


“Boom!” There was an explosion.

The sword didn’t move. Instead, an invisible force forced Walter to stagger backward.

Suddenly, blood rushed through him, and his arm went numb.

He couldn’t pull it out nor destroy it. He was about to die from frustration.

After composing himself, he left two disciples there to guard it. Then, he led the rest of the

group through the other stone door.

There was no point in trying. Perhaps there were better treasures inside.

Inside the dim tunnel, Abigail was still upset. “Sir, that old bastard crossed the line. Why

didn’t you teach him a lesson?”

“There’s no need to create additional problems for ourselves. Let’s find the Shadowbloom

first,” Dustin said indifferently.

The sword had already bonded with him. He could summon it anytime, so he wasn’t

worried it’d get stolen.

As they were walking, Azalea stopped in her tracks. “Doctor, there’s another crossroad


At some point, a crossroad had appeared.


Looking into it, they saw that each cave was unfathomably deep. It was pitch black, so they had no idea where it led.

“Why is this place just like a maze? There are all sorts of crossroads.” Abigail frowned,

looking nervous.

If they took the wrong road, would they be in danger?

“Keep walking forward.”

Dustin swept his gaze over his surroundings and quickly found his bearings.

They continued trudging ahead, following the twists and turns of the tunnel. After half an

hour of walking, they saw a bright light.

They picked up the pace. They realized it was a brightly lit burial chamber when they got


The burial chamber was huge. All sorts of lifelike humanoid statues surrounded it.

In the very middle of the statues was a giant bronze coffin.


There were all sorts of strange symbols covering the coffin. It looked like it was filled with

dark energy.

“Sir, don’t you feel like this place is eerie?” Abigail shrunk backward. For some reason, she

felt nervous.

Those lifelike stone statues next to the coffin creeped her out the most. Their cold, beady

eyes seemed to be staring straight at her.

Goosebumps broke out on her skin.

“They’re just statues. What are you afraid of?”

Dustin looked around, but he didn’t sense any living creatures.

“Doctor, there are some writings here.” Azalea stepped forward to find a stone tablet in

front of the coffin.

On the stone tablet were the words, “Disciple of the Jade Maiden Sisterhood; Kowtow thrice before the tomb.”

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