Chapter 983

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This old geezer was abandoning his morals for his gain. He was greedy to make the sword


“Young man, let me make this clear. I’m not asking for your opinion,” Walter said coldly.

“Like they say, an innocent man will become a target if he possesses a prized possession.

This sword isn’t suitable for you.

“Give it to me, and you can uphold your honor.

“Sir Chasey, it sounds like you’re threatening me.” Dustin narrowed his eyes.

“I’m just giving you advice–a wise man understands his circumstances. You’re still young,

and you’ll have many more opportunities.

“You don’t have to destroy your future over a sword, don’t you think?” Walter continued.

He was determined to get the sword at all costs. He would have done this long ago if he

didn’t care about his reputation.

“Master Chasey, the sword chose its wielder. Dustin is fated to have this sword. What

you’re doing isn’t right, don’t you think?” Emily frowned.

She never thought her righteous master would completely turn his back on someone over

a sword.

He was even making threats.

“Shut up!” Walter glared at her.

“What do you know? This sword has no owner, so finder’s keepers!”

“Dad! Dustin already got the sword. Don’t tell me you’re going to snatch it from him?”

Vanessa said with furrowed eyebrows. She looked angry.

“Stupid girl, you’re my daughter! Why are you siding with the outsider?!” Walter felt embarrassed.

“I’m just pointing out the facts!” Vanessa said indignantly.

“Dustin saved our lives before. We haven’t even had the chance to repay him yet, but you’re already threatening him. You’re such a bully!”

“Hmph, if we hadn’t brought him here, he might never have found this treasure!

retorted fiercely.

“Not to mention, I just want that one sword. What’s the big deal? If we find another treasure in the future, we’ll let him have it!”


“That’s enough!”

Vanessa wanted to say something, but Walter interrupted her angrily, “I like this sword. I

have to have it no matter what!”

“What if I don’t give it to you?” Dustin said with a cold look.

“You won’t give it to me? Don’t blame me when I stop playing the nice guy!” Walter


As he spoke, his body exuded an overwhelming aura. He looked like a ferocious beast baring his teeth.

“Stop!” Vanessa stood in front of Dustin and defended him.

“Dad, Dustin saved my life before. If you’re going to do something reckless, then you’d have

to kill me first!”

“Move out of the way, stupid girl!” Walter flew into his rage.

He thought that the daughter that he’d raised would support him.

“Dad, we can’t be ungrateful! You taught me this!”

Vanessa bit her lip, spreading her arms wide to protect Dustin. She looked like she was

ready to face death.

“Forget it, Master Chasey. You’ll find a better treasure next time. There’s no need to fight.”

Emily advised.

“Shut up!” Walter was furious.

He slapped Emily across the face and screamed, “You ungrateful brats, I taught you to respect your teachers, not rebel against them!”

Emily cupped her cheek with a frown. She looked at Walter in shock, like she didn’t recognize him anymore.


She never thought that her master would become so uncompromising.

“Sir Chasey, you need to know where to draw the line. Don’t make mountains out of molehills,” Dustin said coolly.

This old geezer was blinded by greed.

It was a shame because he had such a great disciple and an awesome daughter.

“Enough talking! Give me the sword, or don’t think about leaving this place!” Walter


“You want the sword? Fine, I’ll give it to you.” Dustin nodded and flung the sword.

It spun in the air a few times before lodging itself back in the mystical formation, just like how it was before.

“Go on, pull it out if you can.”

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