Chapter 982

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Looking at the black sword in Dustin’s hand, everyone was astonished. It was simply


They had tried hard to pull the sword out, but none succeeded. And now, it came out by

itself and flew straight into Dustin’s hand.

The most shocking thing was that Dustin hadn’t touched it the entire time!

He had simply pointed two fingers at it and made a lifting motion through the air. The

sword seemed to have sensed him beckoning it, so it launched out of the ground and

landed straight in his hand.

But why?

They had put in so much effort and thoroughly tried to get it out, all to no avail.

Why did the sword come to Dustin just because he had motioned to it?

Was the sword discriminating against them? Or had it simply ignored them?

“No! No way! How could it have been so simple for him?” Nathan’s eyes widened in


Even Master Chasey had not been able to pull the sword out! Why had it gone to Dustin of its own will? What was going on?

“Oh my goodness! Am I seeing things? Did the sword just fly out by itself?” Vanessa gulped, unable to come to terms with what she just saw.

“Does the sword have a mind of its own? Is that why it decided for itself who should be its owner?” Emily wondered, shaken.

“The Celestial Blade appears to slay all evil; only by the Fated One to wield.”

Looking at the message on the ground, that was the only conclusion she managed to draw from it.

“You–How did you do it?” Walter’s brows furrowed. He lost his composure.

He could not understand why Dustin was able to pull the sword out when he could not.

Did the sword regard Dustin, the young man, better than Walter?

“I don’t know. All I did was beckon it, and it came on its own accord.”

Dustin looked at the black sword in admiration.

He was adept with swords, but he rarely used them. Because of his power, no regular sword seemed good enough for him.

But this one was different. It felt like it was tailor–made for him.

The blade was made of meteoric iron. It was so sharp that it could slice through almost any material. Dustin could feel an immense power within it that could destroy the world.

“Celestial Blade? Impressive.” Dustin smiled. He slowly caressed the sword, growing fond

of it.

“Dustin! Congratulations on getting a sword of your own! Seems like it belongs to you now.

“Emily smiled.

“Hang on!” Walter suddenly piped up.

“Young man, there’s something unusual about this sword.

“If I’m not mistaken, this should be a dangerous object. It might put you in danger if you keep it around you. Why don’t I safe–keep it for you?”

Dustin raised a brow. “Sir Chasey, I think it’s fate that the sword chose me. It’s not dangerous.”

“I’m doing this in consideration for your safety, young man. You wouldn’t be able to handle such a dangerous object. Let me guard it.”

Walter reached out to take the sword from Dustin.

It was rare to come across a sword with a mind of its own. He wasn’t about to let it slip through his fingers.

If he were to own the sword, it would greatly enhance his powers. He might even be able to put up against a grandmaster if he had it!

“Sir Chasey, I’ll keep it safe myself. Don’t worry about it.”

The smile on Dustin’s face started to fade. He was beginning to see what kind of a person Walter was.

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