Chapter 981

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He had no problem lifting thousands of pounds with his strength. How was it possible that

he could not lift a sword?

“Try again,” Walter urged.

Ben didn’t dare to hesitate. Taking a deep breath, he clasped both hands tightly on the sword’s hilt and pulled it upwards with all his might..

His veins popped, and his face flushed. He used all his strength, but the sword did not budge an inch.

“Master Chasey, this won’t work. I can’t lift it.” Heaving a long sigh, Ben was already drenched in sweat.

“What a piece of trash. How could you not be able to lift just a sword? Let me do it!”

Nathan couldn’t take it anymore. He voluntarily walked up and pushed Ben aside. Then, he spat into his palms and rubbed them together.

Setting his footing right, he grabbed the sword’s hilt and deeply breathed. Mustering up all the true energy he had, he pulled up sharply.

The black sword remained unmoving.

“Damn it! I don’t believe this!” Nathan frowned. Unwilling to accept defeat, he tried several more times.

And it was still the same. The sword remained motionless as though it was a part of the stone chamber.

“Master Chasey, there’s something odd about the sword. It can’t be removed.”

Nathan felt both ashamed and helpless. In the end, he had no choice but to give up. “I think you’ll have to do it yourself.”

“Hmph! I can’t believe you guys can’t handle such a small task. What an embarrassment!”

With a dark expression, Walter walked up to the sword with his hands behind his back.

He circled the sword once to make sure it was not dangerous.

Then, he grabbed the sword’s hilt. He gave it a sharp pull,

Still, the sword remained motionless.

“Hmm?” Walter’s eyes narrowed. He increased his force on the sword but to no avail.

With all his disciples‘ eyes on him, Walter felt embarrassed that he could not pull out the sword. Hence, he reached out both hands to grasp the sword’s hilt and crouched down.

“Get up!” Walter roared, unleashing all his true energy in one go.

The entire stone chamber began to rumble, and pieces of rubble fell around them. For a moment, dust and sand rained down on them.

It was as though an earthquake. It was scary.

The stone chamber continued rumbling, but the black sword remained unmoving.

“Too much! This is too much!”

Walter gritted his teeth. He had put every last bit of his strength into it but failed. He

kicked at the sword to vent his anger.

“That’s odd. Could that be a fake sword? Why else is it not budging?”

“If even Master Chasey can’t dislodge it, who can?”

“The Celestial Blade appears to slay all evil; only by the Fated One to wield.‘ Could it be

possible that the sword has a mind of its own and will pick its owner?”

Everyone exchanged looks of bewilderment as they whispered among themselves.

“Let me try.” All of a sudden, Dustin approached the sword.

Somehow, the sword looked familiar to him. He even felt a sense of liking for it.

He felt like they were old friends and were finally meeting again after a long time.

“Hmph! Even Master Chasey can’t do it. Do you think you’d be able to?” Nathan rolled his

eyes at Dustin in disdain.

“The sword has a mind of its own. Of course, you can’t do it with brute strength.”

Dustin slowly closed his eyes and began feeling the mysterious sensation from the sword.

“Nonsense! It’s just a sword! How can it have a mind of its own?”

“Don’t overestimate yourself, young man.”

“Even Master Chasey can’t do it. Do you think that you’d be able to? You’re just going to embarrass yourself!”

The Azure Mist disciples jeered, each with a look of contempt on their face.

Master Chasey was halfway to becoming a grandmaster. If he found it impossible to lift the sword, what more could a nobody like Dustin?

“Young people tend to think too highly of themselves.”

Walter shot Dustin a sidelong glance and said coldly, “You think you’re better than me, don’t you? Do you think that you’ll be able to perform a miracle when even I can’t?

“Mark my words. Nobody will be able to extract the sword. Not even the gods! If you can do it, I’ll get on my knees and take you as my mentor!”

He had barely finished his sentence when Dustin suddenly opened his eyes.

A dark glow flashed, and Dustin suddenly lifted two fingers. He pointed at the sword and lifted it upwardly with his fingers.

“Up!” he shouted.

A clanging sound was heard.

The black sword lifted off the ground and circled in the air twice before falling straight into Dustin’s outstretched palm.

Walter stood there dumbfounded.

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