Chapter 980

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With how Walter tried to pick a fight with him, Dustin started running out of patience.

It was his choice to choose a mentor and whether or not to learn from him. How could it be

forced on someone?

Besides, Walter was just halfway to becoming a grandmaster. How could he be qualified to

be Dustin’s mentor?

“Master Chasey, your skills are exceptional. Dustin would never look down on you. Maybe he just needs some time to consider things.

“Once he sees just how amazing you are, he’ll come to appreciate the offer.” Emily quickly tried to smooth things over when she saw things getting ugly.

“That’s right, Dad! The matter of importance now is not getting yourself a disciple.

“Let’s not get distracted from the treasure,” Vanessa tried to change the subject.

Though it was a pity, she did not wish to force Dustin into things. It would not be worth it to go overboard and ruin their relationship.

“I’ll give you three days to consider the offer, boy. If you change your mind within three days, you can come to me any time.

“But once the three days are over, the offer no longer stands. No matter how much you beg, you won’t get the opportunity anymore. Think about it!”

Then, with both hands behind his back, Walter entered the tomb.

Iris Meskill’s tomb was his priority today. He refused to be affected by a brat.

“Hmph! The most foolish thing you’ve ever done is to turn down Master Chasey’s offer! You’ll regret it!”

Nathan spat before leading the rest of the Azure Mist disciples into the tomb.

In his eyes, this was Dustin’s one chance at success. But he did not appreciate it. It was foolish of him.

“Dustin, Master Chasey’s just a very straightforward person. Don’t take it to heart.”

Emily felt awkward now that there was tension over something as trivial as getting Dustin to be Walter’s disciple.


“That’s alright. It’s just a small matter.” Dustin shook his head, unaffected by what had


“Alright, let bygones be bygones. Let’s go on and check out what treasures lay in wait in

the tomb.”

Vanessa was excited but nervous.

“After you, Dustin!” Emily smiled.

They quickly caught up with the rest of the group.

Once they entered the tomb, it was pitch black all around them. They could not even see

their fingers in front of them.

But they came prepared. Taking out their torches, they saw that the tomb was huge. They

could not even see the end of it.

The tomb had a damp, moldy stench. They could occasionally hear the dripping sound of

water droplets dropping to the ground.

“Look, there are footprints here. Someone must have been here before us. We need to make


Walter, who was at the front, urged the rest of them. They had no choice but to hurry.

After walking for about 10 minutes, they noticed a spacious stone chamber before them.

Upon entering the stone chamber, they saw many crates scattered around it. The crates

had all been pried open.

Someone had been there and taken everything.

Glancing at the place, they noted three other stone doors in the chamber. They were all


“Darn it! We were one step too late!” Walter exclaimed, looking down and frustrated.

They had gone through much trouble locating the tomb but still ended up empty–handed.

It was infuriating!

“Master Chasey, there’s something over there!” Nathan pointed at something in the center

of the chamber.

Everyone looked over to find a mystical formation in the middle of the chamber. It was


Right in the middle of the mystical formation, a pitch–black sword stuck straight up from

the ground.

The entire blade of the sword was buried in the ground, leaving only the hilt exposed.

Though it was in a sheath, it radiated a sharp glow.

Anyone could tell at a glance that it wasn’t an ordinary object.

Right in front of the sword, there was a message. “The Celestial Blade appears to slay all

evil; only by the Fated One to wield.”

“It’s a treasure!” Walter’s eyes lit up at the sight of the black sword. He immediately rushed

up to it.

But when he got near to the mystical formation, he paused.

Iris was a top–notch grandmaster. With her cultivation level, she could easily set up a trap

that could kill a grandmaster on the spot.

He had to be very careful.

“Ben! Go and pull the sword out!”

Walter took a glance backward and pointed at one of his disciples, who was very well–built.

“Me?” Ben swallowed dryly. He couldn’t help but feel nervous about it.

He wasn’t a fool either. He knew that that was no ordinary sword. It would already have

been taken by others if it were.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be here to protect you. Nothing’s going to happen. Go on.”

Walter pretended like he was going to protect Ben.

“Alright.” Ben had no choice but to step into the mystical formation.

Luckily for him, nothing happened.

He grabbed the sword’s hilt and gave it one hard tug. It did not budge. “Hmm?” Ben found it strange.

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