Chapter 979

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A large crater in the shape of a palm was formed on the ground.

The Skycrane disciples were buried in the soil and gravel in the crater. Some of them were severely wounded, while others died on the spot.

All it took was one palm strike from him, and almost all the Skycrane disciples were wiped out. It was a truly powerful attack!

“Master Chasey!”

Upon seeing the elderly person, the Azure Mist disciples‘ spirits were uplifted. They gathered around eagerly as if they had met their leader.

The elderly man was none other than Walter Chasey, the leader of Azure Mist!

“Dad! You’re here! We almost died!”

Vanessa ran up to him with red–rimmed eyes. She looked like she was close to tears.

“Oh, you! You refused to train when I asked you to. Now you know fear in the face of danger!

Walter stood with his hands behind his back as he lectured Vanessa with a stern.


“Dad! They were too powerful! Even Nathan was no match for them. What could I do?”

Vanessa pouted, looking hurt.

“That’s right, Master Chasey. The Skycrane disciples were skillful.

“We were lucky Dustin was with us. We would have been in grave danger otherwise.”

As Emily spoke, she looked at Dustin. It seemed like she was trying to get Walter to praise


“Yes, I saw what he did.” Walter nodded as he, too, looked towards Dustin.

“Young man, you have great skills. May I know who your mentor is?”

“I have no mentor,” Dustin replied.

“Oh? So you were self–taught?”


Walter was astonished and wanted him to join Azure Mist.

“Young man, I see your potential and talent. Since you do not have a mentor, why don’t you be my disciple?

“You’ll have someone to back you up in the future, too.”

“My apologies. I do not have any such intention for now.” Dustin shook his head, rejecting


“Young man, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. You won’t be getting such an offer


“Do you know how many people in Lester have begged to be accepted into Azure Mist but failed? Consider yourself lucky to be getting this chance,” Walter said proudly.

“Yes, Dustin! Master Chasey is halfway to becoming a grandmaster.

“You’ll learn much from him if you become his disciple!” Emily coaxed.

Azure Mist was only second to Ironfists in the whole of Lester.

Master Chasey was the second–best martial artist in Lester. He rarely accepted disciples.

“Dustin, my father’s amazing. Did you see the palm strike he did earlier on?

“He wiped out all the Skycrane disciples with just a single move. You have nothing to lose by becoming his disciple,” Vanessa echoed.

Her lack of opportunity to get closer to Dustin troubled her. But if he were to become her father’s disciple, she’d be able to be around him often then.

“Thank you for the kind gesture, Master Chasey, but I’m used to having my freedom.

“I do not like to be controlled, so I have no plans to become a disciple.” Dustin shook his


Walter frowned, clearly displeased.

“Young man, think about it carefully. Many people are dying to become my disciples, but

I’m only offering the opportunity to you. Do you understand?”

He had always been the one rejecting others and never the other way around.

He was giving Dustin a great honor by offering him the chance to be his disciple. He never thought that his offer would be turned down.


“Hey! People are dying to have such a reputable mentor as Master Chasey! Why are you being so stubborn?” Nathan was annoyed.

It was an honor to earn the favor of his mentor. It was also an opportunity that countless people dreamed of and yearned for.

Dustin was the only one who didn’t appreciate it. What an idiot!

“I thank you for the offer, Master Chasey. But I’ll still have to turn you down.” Dustin stood his ground and shook his head.

“Hey, young man, are you looking down on me?

“Do you think that I’m not fit to be your mentor?” Walter’s eyes narrowed as his expression


He had put down his ego and said all he could to persuade Dustin to join him. But no matter how he coaxed, the young man refused to take him up on his offer.

How unappreciative!

“You’re mistaken, Master Chasey. I never meant that.” Dustin frowned.

Why was the old man getting unreasonable?

“Hmph! I think that’s what you meant!”

Walter looked at Dustin, determined. Then, he pointed at Dustin.

“If you’re not convinced of my skills, boy, you can always test me. Try me and see if I’m fit

to be your mentor!”

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