Chapter 988

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At the same time Dustin broke through a new realm, Iris‘ killing palm strike was about to

land on him.

Dustin couldn’t evade in time and had to face her head–on. Similarly, he extended a palm


The moment their palms met, an explosion rang out.

Dustin flew back like a cannonball. He crashed into the wall behind him, leaving a human-

shaped dent in.

The entire chamber shook, causing stones to fall.

Dustin felt a sharp pain in his throat and spat a mouthful of blood. His complexion turned


“Sir!” Abigail’s expression shifted.

She was about to rush up to help but was grabbed by Azalea. Azalea knew they had no place in a fight of that magnitude.

Iris was already a revered figure 50 years ago. After years of seclusion, she was now invincible, a true immortal of earth!

It was impressive that Dustin wasn’t killed on the spot before such a terrifying figure.

“You are skilled. Unfortunately, you are too young.

“Leave. I don’t wish to kill you,” Iris said indifferently, her hands behind her back.

He could become the chosen one since he achieved such strength in his twenties. Even she might have been weaker than him in those years.

Dustin coughed and struggled as he crawled. He felt as if his body was about to fall apart.

Defeated by a single strike, Dutin was completely outmatched!

Even when he used his secret technique to break through a new realm, he was still

incomparable to Iris. He couldn’t even defend against her.

“I must bring home the Shadowbloom today.”

Dustin wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth and staggered forward resolutely.


“You’re asking for death!” Iris‘ gaze grew even colder.

“I don’t have any other choice.”

Dustin continued on fearlessly. His determined gaze was fixed on the coffin.

“You’re incredibly stubborn!” Iris raised her hand again, striking a palm from a distance.

The golden aura shaped like a palm shot out, carrying an explosive force. It struck Dustin.

Dustin flew back again as another explosion rang out. He crashed heavily into the wall, leaving another dent.

He spat out another mouthful of blood. It added to his injuries.

It looked as if he would collapse at any time.

Dustin gritted his teeth and forced himself to stand upright. One unsteady step after the other, Dustin moved forward slowly.

Every step he took left a bloody footprint on the ground.

“What?” Iris frowned.

She didn’t expect Dustin to be that stubborn. He was severely injured, finding it hard to stand. Yet, he was still walking toward death.

How could there be such a foolish person in the world?”

“I’m giving you another chance. Leave immediately, or die!” Iris warned sternly.

“No matter what it takes, I’m returning with the Shadowbloom.”

Dustin took a deep breath, his burning gaze unwavering.

“Let’s see how long you can hold on!” Iris‘ expression darkened.

She shot out another palm strike from a distance. It landed on Dustin’s chest.

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