Chapter 971

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Dustin charged toward where the voices came from.

“Hurry up, guys! We don’t want anyone to get left behind!”

Emily yelled and quickly followed. She was worried that Dustin might be rash and jump

into enemies‘ traps.

After about ten minutes, they saw a vast plain.

It was a barren land that was as wide as a football field. They could only see soil and rocks;

no living thing was in sight.

Right in the middle of the barren field was a tomb that led underground.

The end of the path was black and seemed bottomless. Nobody knew what was in there.

There was a group of strong martial artists surrounding the tomb.

They guarded it carefully, looking around in alert. They were on the lookout for anyone


“Could that be Iris Meskill’s tomb?”

Nathan got excited as they spied on the dark tomb. They kept themselves hidden behind

some trees.

Lady Luck was truly smiling upon them!

They had expected to stay in the forest for at least weeks. Who would have thought they’d

find where the treasure was hidden in less than half a day?

“From the look of things, this is it. But some people have gotten here before us.

“They’re the Ironfists!” Emily frowned, looking worried.

Ironfists was the largest guild in Jameston. Though it wasn’t as powerful as Regalswords,

it was close to being on the same level as Regalswords.

It would do them no good to go up against them head–on.

“Emily, they seem to hold two disciples of the Jade Maiden Sisterhood hostage. I guess

they’re waiting to claim the treasure.” Vanessa noticed something amiss.


The disciples of Ironfists guarded the opening of the tomb with their hostages. Once the

disciples of the Jade Maiden Sisterhood emerged, they would be taken by surprise.

“I’ve already given our mentor a heads up. Let’s wait and see how things go while we wait

for backup.” Emily was calm and composed.

She knew that they weren’t a match for the Ironfists now. She needed her mentor there to

back them up.

“I’m afraid there won’t be enough time for that.” Dustin squinted.

“Look around carefully. Do you see how many groups are lying in wait?”

“What?” Emily focused on their surroundings.

As Dustin pointed out, she noticed figures hiding in the shadows around them.

That proved that other, more powerful people lurked around in places they could not see.

“Who’s sneaking around there? Get the hell out here!” one of the experts from Ironfists


His booming voice scared the surrounding birds to fly away.

“Hahaha!” a loud laughter was heard as a group of men walked out from their hiding place.

A man with a messy beard was leading the group. He was muscular and had a bronze-

ringed broadsword over his shoulder. He gave off a murderous aura.

“Weston Greene? The leader of the Desert Hawks?”

Emily’s brows furrowed when she saw Weston

The Desert Hawks was a gang of bandits who terrorized the area. Their leader, Weston

Greene, was renowned for being merciless and strong.

Many skilled martial artists had lost their lives against him.

“You too, Sheaves! Come on out!

“No point trying to hide now!” Weston shouted, looking at his side.

As leaves fell to the ground, a group of men emerged from the trees.

Their leader looked like a gentleman. Though he looked harmless, his gaze was cold and



“Magnus Sheaves of Skycrane?” Emily’s expression went from bad to worse.

The Skycranes were just about as powerful as the Ironfists. Magnus Sheaves, the eldest disciple, was acknowledged as a genius swordmaster in Yuston.

“We’ve got trouble.” Vanessa swallowed dryly.

Ironfists, Desert Hawks, and Skycrane were the three major guilds who were worthy opponents of Azure Mist. It would be quite a challenge to get the treasure from them.

“Sheaves, Neeson, it seems like several rats are still lurking in the forest. Shall we wipe them out before we get down to business?”


Weston smiled sinisterly as his gaze shot over to Emily and the rest of them. His held a killing intent.

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