Chapter 970

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Dustin and the rest of them set out for the Black Forest early the next morning.

Due to the terrible road conditions, driving was not an option. They could only walk there.

Many martial artists had entered the forest since the day before. They were there to try their luck.

However, the Black Forest was so huge that they lost all sense of direction when they entered. Most of them just walked around aimlessly, so it was difficult for them to find the treasure.

About half an hour later, Dustin and the group finally got to the entrance of the Black Forest. They could see many people making their way in, one after another.

“Ms. Hoyles, do you know where the tomb is located?” Dustin asked.

“Well, I have no information about that yet.”

Emily continued dejectedly, “Everyone is just trying their luck now. Whoever finds the treasure first is the lucky one.”

Though it was a wild goose chase, they had no other choice.

Their only advantage was that they were locals. Hence, they were more familiar with the

Black Forest, and it would save them more time.

“The Black Forest is huge. How will anyone ever find anything just based on luck?” Dustin

shook his head.

“Do you have any better ideas?” Emily asked tentatively.

“Honestly, I have an inside man in the Jade Maiden Sisterhood. If you trust me, Ms. Hoyles,

let me lead the way,” Dustin said.

“You have an inside man? That’s amazing!” Emily was delighted.

What a surprise! It turned out that Dustin was their lucky star!

“Hey, are you bragging?” Nathan looked at him skeptically.

“It’s up to you whether or not to trust me.” Dustin didn’t explain further and walked to the

front to lead the rest.

The Jade Maiden Sisterhood had entered the Black Forest an hour before they did.

As agreed upon, Nikki would leave some special markings along the way. All they had to do was follow the markings, and they could find the tomb.

“Come on, everyone, follow tight.”

Emily gestured to those behind her to keep up.

“Damn it! What’s so great about him?

“Ultimately, they’d still rely on me for protection once they entered the Black Forest!”

Nathan spat angrily on the ground as he watched Dustin walking in front.

He was the boss of the group. He should have been the one leading them.

How dare an outsider steal his spotlight? How annoying!

Their surroundings instantly became dark as they entered the Black Forest. The temperature dropped drastically, too.

At a glance, it seemed like the entire forest was covered in a white mist.

As it was dim, they could not see well. At best, an average person could only see slightly

more than 150 feet ahead.

Dustin walked at the forefront. The mud beneath his feet was wet, and the trees above him

blocked most of the sunlight.

He could even spot venomous bugs and snakes skittering out of their way at times.

The Black Forest gave off a sinister, damp, eerie, and dangerous feeling.

As they made their way forward, they were attacked by a couple of insects and bugs. It was good that they were all well–trained and constantly on the watch, so none of them were


“The swamp gas is getting thicker. Take the medicine first, everyone.

Inhaling too much of the swamp gas will cause intoxication. It might even cause.


Emily reminded them to take their medications first. Everyone followed her order.

One reason the Black Forest was dangerous was the swamp gas. Ordinary men could not

“Quick, look! There’s a corpse here!” someone exclaimed as they walked.

Everyone looked over in the direction pointed, just to see the corpse of a man lying right.

behind a huge tree.

His head had been severed, and insects were devouring the corpse. It was a dreadful sight.

Two women were squeamish and threw up on the spot.

“He was stabbed right at his vital point. It must have been an ambush.

“Keep your eyes open, everyone!”

Emily unsheathed her knife and looked around warily.

The Black Forest was daunting, but men’s greed was even scarier.

Men seemed unbound by morals and rules in the forest that saw no light of day. It was

normal for people to kill others and steal their belongings.

“It should be right ahead. Let’s go over and take a look.”

Dustin heard faint voices ahead.

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