Chapter 969

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Emily, Nathan, and the rest looked surprised and at a loss.

That was Ian Shonde, the great leader of Regalswords and the best martial artist in Lester! A person like him had apologized to them?

Were they imagining this?

“Sir Shonde, you better teach him a good lesson once you return. It’ll be too late if he gets into bigger trouble,” Dustin said.

Everyone was rendered speechless and stared at Dustin in disbelief.

Damn it! Has the bastard gone mad?

How dare he openly lecture Ian? Was he not afraid that he’d be killed?

How bold!

“Hey! Do you have a death wish? Shut your mouth!” Nathan was so shocked that he almost cursed at Dustin.

It was good enough that Ian did not blame him for beating Ken. But this bastard was going overboard!

How dare he criticize Sir Shonde in front of so many people? He didn’t know what’s good for him.

“Dustin, apologize to Sir Shonde immediately! Emily signaled at him furiously from the side.

She felt a headache coming due to Dustin’s reckless actions. They had barely escaped danger, and now he was trying to bring them more trouble.

Just as everyone thought Dustin would land himself in trouble, Ian surprised everyone by forcing a smile.

“You’re right, Your Excellency. I will make sure to teach him a good lesson. I promise you this will never happen again,” he said.

Everyone was startled once again. What was going on?

Since when did the leader of Regalswords, the ace of Lester, become so agreeable?

He even smiled at them when someone had just criticized him! They could not believe what was going on!

“Yes, that’d be for the best.” Dustin nodded.

“My apologies for interrupting your meal. We’ll be leaving right away.”

Ian bowed and hurriedly led his men away as if he was running away.

“Phew! We’re safe!” Vanessa sighed in relief once the people from Regalswords left.

“What happened there? Why does Sir Shonde seem so weird today?”

Nathan scratched his head in wonder. Ian’s actions had been bewildering.

“Perhaps Sir Shonde realized that it was their mistake. With many martial artists here, maybe he just chose to settle things nicely.”

That was the only answer Emily could come up with after thinking about it for a long time.

“No matter what it is, the most important thing is that we’re all fine.” Vanessa beamed.

“Hmph! We’re just lucky that Sir Shonde is a reasonable person. We’d be in huge trouble if he chose to make things difficult!”

Nathan folded his arms in front of himself and shot Dustin a glare.

“Hey! I’m warning you! You better not behave rashly in the future!

“I don’t care if you get into trouble, but you better not drag us down together!”

“That’s right! You put our lives at stake with what you did back there!” the disciples from

Azure Mist echoed.

It had been thoughtless of him, an outsider, to challenge the Regalswords in Lester.

“Alright, alright. Cut it out. Ken had overstepped a line earlier on. Dustin’s actions are


Emily tried to smooth things over.

Then, she continued, “It’s getting late, everyone. Let’s head back to our rooms and get some


“We’ll gather early tomorrow morning and set out for the Black Forest.”

“Alright. See you tomorrow.” Dustin nodded and left with Abigail.

Dustin had never been worried about what the Regalswords would do.

Ian was smart enough to apologize. Otherwise, he would have been beaten up.

Outside the hotel, Ian ran for his life with his son on his back. Suddenly, he shuddered.

He ran even faster. He was flustered and not his usual self, which confused his disciples. They even had difficulty catching up with him.

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