Chapter 968

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“I’m in trouble now!” A wave of unease washed over Ian, the strongest martial artist in Lester, as he met Dustin’s cold gaze.

Ian couldn’t help being worried about getting beaten up.

“What are you waiting for, Dad? Tear him to pieces!

“You have to teach him a lesson!” Ken seethed.

“Shut up!” Ian slapped his son angrily.

Ken staggered backward, his remaining teeth flying away as well.

His eyes widened in disbelief as he asked, “W–why did you hit me, Dad?”

He couldn’t understand why he’d been smacked.

His father usually wouldn’t speak harshly to him, so what was happening? How could Ian slap him in public?

“Don’t you deserve to be disciplined after ruining Regalswords‘ reputation by bullying others?

“I should teach you a lesson for embarrassing me!” Ian snapped, delivering another two slaps.

“Pissed, he began kicking his son as well.

Ken’s pained screams filled the air under Ian’s relentless attack. Ian was so violent that outsiders might have mistaken the two of them for enemies.

Everyone was stunned by the sudden twist of events.

They expected Ian to attack Dustin. They couldn’t understand why Ian was attacking his son instead.

“What’s going on? Has Mr. Shonde lost his mind?”

“Who knows? He’s known for constantly defending his son, yet he’s acting odd today.” “How brutal! It looks more like he’s settling a score than disciplining his son.”

The bystanders whispered among themselves, shocked. They pitied Ken for receiving

Ian usually spoiled his son, and anyone who tried to harm Ken would face serious consequences. So, Ian puzzled everyone by treating Ken like an enemy.

“Um…” Vanessa, Emily, and Nathan were stunned.

They didn’t understand what was going on.

They thought Ian would get revenge, yet he beat his son. What happened to the selfish lan Shonde they knew?

“Please stop, Sir! He’ll die!” Regalswords‘ disciples returned to their senses and quickly intervened to save Ken’s life.

“Hmph, that asshole deserves to be taught a lesson!” Ian spoke like he was getting rid of the devil.

Still, he stopped when he realized he might have taken things too far.

“Everyone, today’s incident is due to my lack of discipline.

“I would like to apologize to everyone.” Ian turned around and nodded politely at Dustin

and his group.

Dustin calmly accepted the apology, unbothered.

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