Chapter 967

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The slaps disfigured Ken’s face, leaving him unrecognizable.

There was a bigger issue now. Ken was highly regarded as the son of Regalswords‘ guildmaster and was well–feared.

So, how could Dustin hit him? Was Dustin out of his mind?

“Stop right now!” Emily finally stepped in.

At this point, Ken had already been reduced to a bloody, unconscious mess.

“You’ve gotten us into trouble now, Mr. Rhys!” Emily exclaimed, helping Ken up.

She began administering medication and other techniques to wake him up.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that if anything were to happen to Ken, Azure Mist would also be doomed.

“Damn it, we shouldn’t have sat with you! You only bring disaster!” Nathan shouted anxiously.

Why the fuck did they have to cross paths with a maniac like Dustin, who didn’t give a shit about Ken’s status or Regalswords‘ authority? Dustin must be crazy!

“You’ll be in trouble now that you beat Ken up, so you need to run away.

“Hurry, or it’ll be too late!” Vanessa was visibly distraught as she tugged at Dustin, who wouldn’t budge.

“Who dares hit my son!” A furious voice came from the entrance.

An intimidating middle–aged man stormed in with a group of martial artists following behind.

The man was Ian Shonde, the guildmaster of Regalswords and the strongest martial artist in Lester!

“Shit! Ian Shonde is here!”

“No one is capable of bearing his fury.”

“Hmph, it’s time to suffer the consequences for hurting his son!”

The martial artists surrounding Dustin and his group took a step back to avoid being collateral damage.

Many seemed delighted as they waited for Dustin to meet his doom.

“You’re done for! There’s nowhere for you to run anymore either…” Vanessa was devastated.

She wanted to help Dustin escape, but it seemed like it wouldn’t happen.

“It’s too late now.” Emily sighed regretfully.

There was no way Dustin would escape unscathed now that Ian was here.

“What a jinx!” Nathan shook his head bitterly.

Not only did Dustin bring trouble to himself, but those from Azure Mist were also dragged into this mess.

“Dad, you’re finally here!” Ken cried out desperately and stumbled over to his father.

He grabbed Ian’s thigh and wailed, “I would have died if you came any later! Just look at what he did to my face! Please avenge me!”

“Who did this?” Ian demanded, furious by how his son’s face looked.

No one dared to harm his son after knowing who he was. After all, he was the strongest martial artist in Lester and one of the martial arts alliance’s elders.

No one would dare to challenge his authority!

“That’s the guy who hit me, Dad! He even insulted you and said horrible things about you!”

“What? How dare he!” Furious, Ian swept a menacing glance over the room.

His body shuddered involuntarily when he spotted Dustin, and his knees nearly went weak.

Ian couldn’t believe the other party was Dustin.

As one of the alliance elders, he vividly remembered how terrifying Dustin was during the recent battle between the two grandmasters.

Why, Ian wouldn’t even dare to protest if Dustin slapped him, much less insulted him!

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