Chapter 966

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Everyone was astonished to see Ken being thrown back. Nobody expected Dustin to be so bold.

After all, this was Ken Shonde, the son of Régalswords‘ leader, and hitting Ian Shonde’s son was risky.

“Are you crazy? How could you hit Mr. Shonde?” Nathan sprung up, shocked.

He had endured all the humiliation just now, yet Dustin slapped Ken without care. This would bring trouble to all of them.

“Shit! This is bad!” Emily paled.

She’d warned Dustin, hoping he would hold himself back, but he didn’t. They’d be in trouble if Regalswords retaliated.

“How dare you hit Mr. Shonde! We’ll kill you!” The two furious Regalswords martial artists began attacking Dustin.

“Let me handle this!” Abigail grabbed her metal club and fought them.

Her natural talent and Dustin’s training made her far stronger than her opponents,

especially when she used the staff combat technique.

Soon, the two men, who had climbed the ranks through flattery instead of actual skill, fell to the ground. They were no match for Abigail.

“What gave you the guts to challenge us when you’re weak? You deserve it!” Abigail rested her club on her shoulder and rubbed the tip of her nose with her thumb.

There was a proud expression on her cute face

“Are these guys insane? How could they hurt people from Regalswords?”

“When–Han Shonde shows up, they’ll be done for!”

The surrounding martial artists whispered among themselves. No one could believe that Dustin and Abigail were stupid enough to challenge Regalswords in their territory.

“H–how dare you hit me!” Ken staggered, his face a mess.

“Did you fucking hit me? You’re dead!

“All of you are dead! I’ll tear you apart!” Ken roared after returning to his senses.

Just then, Dustin leaped forward and gave Ken another round of slaps. A comment followed each slap.

“That’s for being a stubborn idiot.

“That’s for being a bully.

“That’s for your arrogance.

“Since your father doesn’t discipline you, I’ll do it for him instead!”

Dustin continued hitting Ken repeatedly in the face.

Blood splurted out of Ken’s nose as his head spun and his eyes rolled back.

Everyone was shocked by the sight of his swollen head. They’ve never seen Ken, known for being a huge bully, beaten up so badly.

Usually, people wouldn’t even dare to touch a hair on his head. Yet, Dustin was slapping the man as hard as he could.

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