Chapter 972

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All eyes fell on them when they heard what Weston said. Their gaze was hostile and


There were many divine–level martial artists present. They could hear everything within a

300 feet radius.

“They’ve noticed us!” Vanessa had a bad feeling.

“Nathan, Emily, what do we do now?”

“Why are you so worried? I’m here. You’ll be fine. Follow me!”

Dusting himself off, Nathan walked out with his head held high.

Though those were strong opponents, the Azure Mist wasn’t to be looked down upon

either. He had the confidence to take them down in a fair fight.

“Come on, let’s go meet them.” Emily gestured to the rest of them and graciously showed


They had initially planned to watch on from the sidelines, but it was too bad that they

were noticed so soon.

“Alright, now that everyone’s here, how should we handle things?”

Weston smiled evilly with his broadsword still hoisted over his shoulder.

“I suggest we should team up for now. Once we get the treasure, we can split it evenly

among us.

“That way, everyone can walk away happy!” Nathan suggested.

He wasn’t greedy. Getting a portion of the treasure would be enough.

“What do you say, Sheaves?” Drake Neeson, the eldest disciple of Ironfists, asked for

Magnus‘ opinion.

Out of everyone present, Magnus was the one person he feared the most.

“I have no problems about splitting the treasure. But, there are too many of us here now.”

Magnus‘ gaze swept across the plain.


“It would be best if there were fewer people to split the treasure among,” he said darkly.

“Less? But who should we get rid of?” Weston’s eyes narrowed.

It was true that each would get a larger portion if they split the treasure three ways

instead of four.

“Skycrane, Ironfists, and Azure Mist are all decent guilds.

“Only the Desert Hawks are a gang of bandits. Who do you think we should get rid of?”

Magnus smiled ever so faintly.

At that, all the disciples of the three guilds looked at the Desert Hawks. They were not

even hiding their sinister looks.

“What?” Weston’s face fell.

“Sheaves, we are all part of the martial world!

“You should know that anyone who finds the treasure will have some of it! Are you sure

this is what you want to do?”

“How dare despicable bandits like you claim to be one of us?”

Magnus huffed. “I’ll give you one minute to get out of here. If you do not, you will end up


“Sheaves! You’ve overstepped the line!” Weston fumed and got ready to kill.

“Neeson, Hoyles, since he insists on staying back, we will no longer hold back! Kill him!”

Without wasting another word, Magnus unsheathed his sword and charged at Weston. He

would pay with his life for not leaving when he had the chance to do so.

“Damn it! You’re dead!” Weston was furious.

He lifted his broadsword, bringing it down in a forceful slash.

A deadly fight broke out between the two. With that, a war sparked between the disciples

of Skycrane and Desert Hawk.

For a moment, the flashes and glints of swords slashing could be seen in the dark. Blood splattered everywhere.

“Wipe out the Desert Hawks!” Drake was quick to react.

With a roar, he led the disciples of Ironfists into the battlefield.

There was nothing wrong with decent guilds wiping out bandit gangs. They felt no sense of guilt at what they were doing.

Even if word got out about what they did, they would only be praised for ridding of the


The Desert Hawks were few in numbers, so they weren’t a match for the Skycranes. Now that the Ironfists joined the fight, it was clear that they were on the losing end.

The disciples of the Desert Hawks were killed and severely injured. They did not even

have the chance to escape.

“Nathan, should we go and help out?” a disciple of the Azure Mist suddenly asked.

“There’s no need for that. The two guilds can easily defeat them.” Nathan shook his head, not planning to get involved in the fight.

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