Chapter 955

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Five decades ago, Linden had barely started gaining fame while Iris was already a household

name. He had the honor of meeting that impressive woman once.

“Iris Meskill? Jade Maiden Sisterhood?”

Surprised, Dustin asked, “Dr. Watkins, do you know where her tomb is?”

“That’s why I said this is impossible,” Linden sighed.

“Since her death, many have searched for her tomb, yet no one has succeeded. It basically doesn’t


“Just because no one could find it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist,” Dustin answered firmly.

“I’ll find a way to find the Shadowbloom. If I fail, I’ll have no choice but to break into the Mystic

Arts Order!”

“Are you crazy? You’d be walking into the lion’s den!” Linden paled.

“That’s nothing compared to Natasha sacrificing her life to save mine.” Dustin had a determined


“But…” Linden was at a loss for words.

“Dr. Watkins, how much longer can Natasha hold on for?” Dustin asked.

“That’s hard to tell. I’d say anywhere from three days to half a month. It’ll depend on her.” Linden

shook his head.

Dustin bent over to place a gentle peck on Natasha’s forehead. “Hang on, Natasha. I’ll be back.

“You said you’d lock me to your side, so don’t break your promise. I’ll save you no matter what, so

wait for me!”

With that, he spun around and left.

He had never looked so determined before that he seemed slightly insane.

In a villa with a garden on the outskirts of town, Edith and several disciples studied the broken

However, they couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary.

“Nikki, are you sure there’s something hidden inside the scripture?” Edith narrowed her eyes


“That’s what that bastard said, so it should be true.” Nikki frowned uneasily.

“You might have been tricked!” Edith humphed.

They’ve inspected the scripture so many times but couldn’t find anything. What a waste of time.

“Madam Edith, are we using the wrong methods?” Nikki asked thoughtfully.

“Since it’s supposed to be a secret, it must be hidden so well that it’s impossible to find with just


“Then what should we do?” Edith retorted.

“People in the shows would either soak it in water or burn it. Why don’t we give it a try?” Nikki asked hesitantly.

“Soak it in water or burn it?” Brittany nearly sprung up.

“Nikki Horst, are you crazy? The scripture is our treasure.

“How could you play around with it like that? How are you supposed to pay if you accidentally damage it?”

“It was just a suggestion: Forget it, then.” Nikki was a little guilty.

“Hang on! I think Nikki was right.

“Normal methods won’t work, so we have to take a more dramatic approach,” Edith said.

“Madam Edith, how could you trust her words?” Brittany was astonished.

“No pain, no gain. Since the scripture is useless now anyway, we might as well risk it.

“We might even find a surprise!” Edith replied before instructing someone to prepare water and


As the saying goes, “Without struggle, there is no success“.

The chance to become a grandmaster depended on this!

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