Chapter 956

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Two copper basins were soon brought as Edith ordered. One contained water, while the other had burning charcoal.

“Let’s try it out.”

Edith took a deep breath before tossing the scripture into the water.

Everyone observed the scripture, waiting for something to happen, but nothing did.

Apprehensively, Edith fished the scripture out. Still, nothing seemed to have changed.

“See, Madam Edith. I told you it wouldn’t work!” Brittany complained.

“Let’s try again!” Edith gritted her teeth and raised the scripture again.

“Madam Edith!” Brittany quickly stopped Edith.

“We can let it dry if it’s wet. But if we burn it, we’ll never get it back. Please think this through!”

“I’ve memorized all its contents anyway, so there’s no need to keep it!”

Edith brushed Brittany’s hand away and threw the scripture into the fire.

A puff of green smoke swirled around the basin as the scripture erupted in flames. It quickly turned into a pile of ash.

“Madam Edith, I see something inside!” Nikki’s eyes were sharp, and she quickly spotted the difference.

“I knew we’d find something!”

Edith extinguished the flames excitedly. She fumbled through the ash before coming in contact with a specially crafted gold leaf.

After washing the gold leaf clean, Edith realized a map was carved into it.

There were five words engraved at the map’s final destination-“The Tomb of Iris Meskill“.

“Iris Meskill? Isn’t that our ancestor?” Edith got over her surprise and was overjoyed.

She burst out laughing. “This is great! I knew our efforts wouldn’t go to waste.

“I never expected our ancestors to hide this treasure in the scripture. How lucky!”

Iris Meskill was the third–generation leader of Jade Sister Maidenhood. She stood out as the most

exceptional and promising leader in its history. Fifty years ago, she was renowned for her beauty

and skill.

Iris was also one of the most extraordinary female ultimate grandmasters in Dragonmarsh. She

was rivaled only by the Prince of Theswe’s wife, the Princess Consort of West Lucozia.

“But, Madam Edith, it’s written tomb here. There’s nothing about treasures.” Brittany was puzzled.

“You’re still too young to understand what Iris Meskill’s tomb symbolizes.”

Edith animatedly explained, “Iris Meskill is my mentor’s mentor, making her my ancestor.

“She was a talented woman who surpassed all men, making her our role model.

“She won countless valuables and jewels. She also had a hobby of collecting treasures.

“Unfortunately, she fell in love with a man she shouldn’t have. When that man died, she buried

herself and her treasures with him.

“No one knows where her tomb is.

“Before my mentor passed on, she told me if I could find Iris‘ tomb, I’d find countless treasures and

valuables that could restore the Sisterhood to its former glory!”

By the time Edith finished speaking, her face was flushing with excitement.

As an ultimate grandmaster, Iris had more treasure than anyone could imagine. Therefore,

countless people have searched for her tomb but could never find it.

Edith never expected today to be her lucky day.

“Madam Edith, does that mean our success is near?” Brittany asked, her eyes twinkling.

“Of course!” Edith tilted her head proudly.

“When we find her treasures, I’m sure the Sisterhood will dominate the world!”

“Awesome!” Brittany nearly jumped up in excitement.

“Let’s start digging right now!”

Brittany couldn’t wait to find the treasures.

““What’s the rush? We should study the map carefully to avoid making any mistakes.” Edith was

oddly calm as she forced her excitement down.

She knew digging out the treasures, even with the map, wouldn’t be easy. She had to ensure all

preparations were ready since there was no room for mistakes.

Edith glanced at Nikki and ordered, “You can leave now, Nikki. Brittany and I will study the map a

little longer.”


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