Chapter 954 

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Chapter 954

Natasha’s peaceful expression was like a knife stabbing Dustin’s heart.

He hated himself for causing her to end up like this, and he hated himself for being unable to save


If he could turn time back, he would switch things around.

“Hang on! Switch?” Dustin perked up when he thought of something.

He looked at Linden and asked, “Dr. Watkins, do you have any Resurgothorn left? I want to save her by exchanging our lives!”

“Don’t be foolish!” Linden scolded him, frowning.

“Do you think Resurgathorn is food? It’s not readily available.

“Besides, Ms. Harmon sacrificed herself for you. The least you could do to make her sacrifice

worthwhile is to live properly!”

“I don’t want her to sacrifice herself. I just need her to be alive!” Dustin roared with bloodshot eyes.

“I don’t care what I must do and what price I must pay. I just need her to come back to life!”

Dustin begged, “Please, Dr. Watkins. You’re the best doctor I know. Please help me save her!”

He fell to his knees in front of Linden.

“You-” Linden was exasperated and tried to pull Dustin up, but Dustin refused to budge.

After a moment of hesitation, Linden gave in. “Fine. I might as well tell you the truth.

“Although Ms. Harmon is practically dead, there’s still a way to save her.”

“What is it?” Dustin lit up excitedly.

“Technically, Ms. Harmon should have died immediately after absorbing the poison in your body.

But Resurgathorn and Septemortis seem to counter each other.

“So, the effects of the poisons were reduced by half, allowing her to remain alive for so long,”

Linden explained.

“There are two ways to save her. First, you’ll need Phoenixwort. Secondly, you’ll need to find a

“Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to find them, so you shouldn’t have high hopes.” Linden


He would have told Dustin about this if he felt it was achievable, but it wasn’t.

“Phoenixwort? Shadowbloom? Where do I find them?” Dustin pressed.

“Phoenixwort has the power to raise the dead and is a sacred item to the Mystic Arts Order. No outsider has ever seen it before.

“However, you’ll die if you barge into their territory!” Linden warned.

The Mystic Arts Order was the darkest faction in the world. Many formidable fighters were gathered there.

The faction’s current leader was also an ultimate grandmaster. Their leader was one of the most powerful figures in the world and was skilled in all sorts of magic.


person was so terrifying that even Dragonmarsh avoided them.

Dustin might be a young grandmaster, but he was no match for the Mystic Arts Order.

Even Michael, one of the five ultimate grandmasters of Balerno, could only flee when attacked by the Mystic Arts Order.

It was clear that the Mystic Arts Order was a place that terrified all martial artists.

“Then, what about Shadowbloom?” Dustin frowned.

He wasn’t keen on becoming enemies with the Mystic Arts Order.

“Shadowblooms are also known as Flowers of the Underworld. Similar to Phoenixworts, they can also bring someone back from the dead.

“However, this is most likely just a myth.”

Linden shook his head before continuing, “Legend has it that around five decades ago, there was a woman who traveled to the ends of the world in search of the flower. She wanted to save her ill husband.

“However, when she found the flower, her husband died.

“Since then, no one has ever heard from her. There are rumors that she hid the flower inside her

The furrow between Dustin’s brows deepened. “Who’s the woman?”

“Her name is Iris Meskill. Fifty years ago, she was the head of Jade Maiden Sisterhood and an

ultimate grandmaster,” Linden replied grimly.

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