Chapter 953

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From agonizing pain to reaching death, Linden carefully watched the entire process. He felt that

Dustin needed to know how far Natasha would go for the person she loved.

Dustin was dumbstruck after hearing Linden explain the event.

He never imagined that Natasha was willing to sacrifice herself to save him. At this moment, he

finally understood his feelings for her.

Still, there was no way he could accept her feelings for him if it led to something like this.

“Mr. Rhys, Ms. Harmon left this letter for you. Please read it.” Conflicted, Linden cautiously passed

Dustin a letter.

No one had ever impressed him as Natasha did. After all, even grandmasters might not be able to

handle the unbearable pain.

Yet, an ordinary woman could withstand the pain without complaining and did so without regret.

She was fearless.

Linden couldn’t imagine how much Natasha must love Dustin for her to go so far. Linden had

already given up on Dustin.

But Natasha made him realize that, sometimes, even humans could possess the strength of gods.

Dustin shakily opened the letter to see rows of neat, dainty writing.


“By the time you read this, I’m probably gone. Please don’t blame yourself since I did everything willingly.

“From the moment we met, I knew you were different.

“Initially, I found you intriguing. But unknowingly, I fell in love with you.

“You occupy my mind each day, and I constantly yearn to see you again.

“Your happiness brought me joy, and I felt sad whenever I saw you upset. This must be what love, feels like, right?

“Speaking of which, I’m kind of jealous of Dahlia Nicholson. She got to meet you before I did and

“Fortunately, I got my chance since she didn’t know how to appreciate you.

“Right, I have a question. Who is more important to you–me or her? I bet I’ve taken the lead now,


“Oh, well. What’s the point of competing with her now?

“In any case, please live a peaceful and happy life for both of us.

“Don’t you cry for me; you’d better not forget me!

“I’ll be watching over you from above. Remember, be happy.

“Farewell, darling.”

Tears flowed down Dustin’s cheeks and fell on the letter. He wept as he read what Natasha had


Like most men, he rarely cried. But this letter managed to hit him where it hurt.

“Oh, why were you so stupid? What am I supposed to do now that you’re gone?

“How am I supposed to repay you? You have to wake up!” Dustin pressed his forehead against

Natasha’s and whispered brokenly.

He hasn’t cried since his mother passed, but Natasha’s feelings for him opened his heart again.

He was sure he would never be able to forget her.

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