Chapter 943

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The crowd began whispering when they heard what Dustin said. Some of them were shocked, while others had their doubts. But most of them did not believe him.

“Nonsense! My father had been upright and honest his whole life!

“How could he have done such a horrible thing?” Torben bellowed.

“I’m warning you, Dustin! You better not spout such nonsense around!”

Spring’s expression was dark. “You murdered my father, and now you’re dragging my brother through the mud! What malicious intentions you have!”

“Let Autumn tell you what he’s done. Then you’ll know if I’m slandering him.”

Dustin pulled out the wad of cloth shoved in Autumn’s mouth. Then, he kicked him.

“Go on, tell them what happened last night.”

“Spring! Save me! Quick!” Autumn immediately began yelling once he opened his mouth.

“This scoundrel captured me and started torturing me. He even threatened to wipe out my entire family if I did not take the blame for him! Spring, you have to save me!”

“You liar! How dare you tell lies!”

Cornelius fumed. He was just about to slap Autumn when Dustin stopped him.

Things would look bad if they were to get aggressive under such circumstances.

“Dustin! You impertinent scoundrel! Release my brother at once!” Spring ordered.

“Release him! Or I’ll burn down this god damned lodge!” Torben echoed angrily.

“Release him! Release him! Release him!”

The crowd began chanting and clamoring. They looked furious.

Not only had Dustin killed Sir Paul, he even captured Autumn to be his scapegoat. Such horrible

behavior was dreadful!

“Karma! This is karma indeed!” The Jade Maiden Sisterhood were pleased at the sight they saw.

They were out of breath from laughing in delight.

The more trouble Dustin was in, the happier they were. At this point, Dustin did not seem to have any way of turning back anymore.

So what if he was a grandmaster? He had no way out with so many leaders of the major sects


“Hahaha! Haven’t I warned you, Dustin?

“If you work with me, you won’t have to die. You’ll also be able to enjoy unlimited riches.”

Autumn sniggered. “Look at yourself now.

“How do you feel now? Are you regretting your decision? Do you feel helpless?

“So what if I was the person who murdered Paul? So what if you’ve caught me?

“Would anyone believe what you said? All those people from the martial world are on my side. Whatever I say goes!

“If I say you’re the murderer, then you’re the murderer. No matter how much you struggle, you won’t be able to change a thing.

“The youngest grandmaster? The pride of the nation? What a joke!”

Though Dustin had set up a trap and had him captured, he could worm his way out of things if he did not admit to anything.

But for Dustin, try as he might, was making futile attempts. How laughable!

“Are you done laughing yet? Do you think that there’s nothing I can do to you?” Dustin asked calmly.

“Well, what can you do? You can’t possibly kill me, can you?” Autumn scoffed.

All the major sects in Balerno and Glenstead are gathered here. If you dare to touch a hair on my head, you’ll be dead meat!”

Then, he stretched out his throat to provoke Dustin and challenge him to kill him.

“Sir Reeds, what punishment should be for a man who kills his father?” Dustin asked.

“He should be punishable by death, of course.” Ronald wondered why Dustin would ask him something like that, but he answered honestly.

“Should the person be killed?”


“Alright then, I shall kill him!” Then, Dustin drew out a sword. Amidst the crowd’s astonished gazes, he sliced off Autumn’s head.

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