Chapter 942

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As time passed, the crowd gathered around at the entrance of Zephyr Lodge grew.

The crowd was dense, with tens of thousands of people. Those who were involved, and even those

who weren’t involved, were there.

Some were there to condemn Dustin, while others just to watch the show unfold. Some were even there to enjoy Dustin’s misfortune;

Most of them knew that if Dustin made it out of this in one piece, he’d have a bright future.

If he didn’t, they would witness the fall of a genius today.

“We know you’re in there, Dustin! Your seven days are up! Come out and face your death!” the Hill family shouted.

The gates of Zephyr Lodge creaked open as Dustin led several of his men out.

“Wow. What a crowd we have here today. How exciting.”.

Dustin glanced around and saw many familiar faces.

“Stop playing the fool! You murdered my grandfather! Today is the day you pay for it with your life!” Torben shouted angrily.

“That’s right! Sir Reeds had been generous enough to let you live for another seven days.

“But there’s no way you’re escaping death!” someone from the crowd shouted as others clamored


On the one hand, it was out of their respect for Paul On the other hand, it was also due to their jealousy toward the young grandmaster.

“You claimed you were innocent, Dustin, so I gave you seven days. Do you have any evidence to prove your claim now?” Ronald asked.

“I have not failed you, Sir Reeds. I have caught the real culprit,” Dustin answered truthfully.

“What do you mean you’ve caught the culprit? You were the one who murdered my grandfather!” Torben snapped fiercely.

“We’ll find out who the murderer is soon enough.”

Without wasting any more time, Dustin gestured to the men behind him.

Soon, Cornelius brought out a man who was tightly bound up. The man had a hood over his head.

“Hmph! Do you think that you’ll be able to get through this just by finding a scapegoat to take the

blame for you?

“No fucking way that’s going to happen!” Torben glared at Dustin.

“Dustin! Stop with the tricks and own up to what you did. We might just give you a quick death!” Spring said coldly.

“That’s right! Admit to your crimes now, or we’ll see you die, a long and terrible death!” The Hills

From their point of view, Dustin was planning to get a scapegoat to shoulder his offenses. They would never let him get away so easily!

“Have a look at who the murderer is, everyone. Then we’ll talk.

Reluctant to waste any more time on pointless speech, Dustin grabbed the hood on the man’s head and removed it.

And Autumn’s face was revealed to everyone.


“Sir Autumn?”


Everyone from the Hill family was stunned when they saw the familiar face. None of them had expected that the scapegoat Dustin had found to be Autumn Hill!

“How dare you!”

“You insolent bastard!”

After the momentary shock, the Hills began shouting at Dustin.

He was truly fearless in holding Autumn captive!

“Let my father go immediately, Rhys! Or I’ll make sure you die the most gruesome death!” Torben


He had wondered why he hadn’t seen his father today. It turns out that Dustin had captured him! That was going overboard!

“Dustin, what’s the matter? Why did you kidnap someone from the Hill family?” Ronald frowned)

“Sir Reeds, the truth is Autumn Hill is one of the prime culprits who murdered Sir Paul!” Dustin


“What? Autumn’s the murderer?”

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