Chapter 941

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“Dustin, let’s not talk about that old man anymore.

Autumn swiftly changed the topic. “The important matter now is to think about our future plans.

“If you support me, I can gain control over the entire Hill family within days!”

“When have I agreed to work with you?” Dustin asked coldly.

“What?” Autumn frowned.

“I’ve already said so much. Aren’t you the least bit tempted?”

“You willingly killed your father. If I collaborated with a beast like you, it would only ruin my


“Besides, I will expose all you’ve done to the public. So prepare to face your death!”

Dustin gestured to Cornelius. Cornelius understood his instruction and dashed forward to pin Autumn to the ground.

“Rhys! You’re going back on your word!

“You agreed to my proposal earlier on! Why?” Autumn roared, not giving up.

He was just one step away. One step away from success.

Power, authority, and fame had been so close he felt he could touch them. Why did things turn out this way?

“I’m not the best person out there, but I’m not a beast.” Dustin glared at him.

“Knock him out and bring him back! We’ll deal with him publicly tomorrow!”

Early the next morning, people from all walks of life gathered at the entrance of Zephyr Lodge.

The Boulderthorn guild, the Zen Order, the Combat Priests, the Soul Reapers, and many more came after they learned about what was happening.

The Balerno and Glenstead martial arts alliance leaders and elders were also present.

Even those from the Jade Maiden Sisterhood were there to witness the drama unfold.

Seven days had passed, and it was time for Dustin to explain Paul’s death.

“Sir Reeds, I heard there have been no activities on Dustin’s end for the past few days. Could he be ready to confess and face the punishments?”

Conrad, who was at the front of the crowd, looked on with amusement.

“Well, it seems Sir Melling is in a good mood today?” Ronald asked, looking at him with displeasure.

“You’re mistaken, Sir Reeds. Dustin has made a name for himself as the youngest grandmaster in Balerno. Of course, I’d wish such an incredible genius could be safe.

But someone has to take responsionty for Sale! Coma SHOOK TIs edu.

“Hmph! Wipe that smug smile off your face before speaking to me!” Ronald cut straight to the


“What? I’m not smiling.” Conrad shrugged; the smile on his face was still there.

If Dustin had been part of the Glenstead martial arts alliance, he would have done anything to protect him in a heartbeat.

Unfortunately, he was part of the Balerno martial arts alliance. He would one day be their greatest


“Madam Edith, why did you bring us here?” Brittany asked.

Zephyr Lodge was now the place that she hated the most.

“Haven’t you heard? Dustin murdered Paul Hill, and he’d ingested a Septemortis.

“All the major sects are here to make him pay for what he did!” Edith smiled evilly.

“Is that so? That’s great!” Brittany’s eyes lit up.

“I thought I’d never be able to get revenge. That bastard committed so many evil deeds that the public is outraged at him. He deserves it!”

“I guess this is karma,” Nikki narrowed her eyes as she said.

Her hatred towards Dustin had grown after the battle of the grandmasters.

The youngest grandmaster? The pride of the nation?

Hah! Wouldn’t he still die one day?

Anyone who rejected her deserves to be condemned!

She wanted to see Dustin’s reputation crumble before her eyes today!

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