Chapter 940

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“Stand right there! I’m warning you!

“You better not come any closer! I’m part of the Hill family!”

Autumn backed up as he shouted at Dustin.

“How dare you say something like that when you killed your own father?”

Dustin looked at him disdainfully, “If I tell the public what happened today, what do you think will happen to you?”

“Hidden guards! Kill him!” Autumn suddenly yelled

He wanted to kill Dustin to keep things a secret. But there was only silence around him.

Only the occasional sound of the wind howling could be heard.

“Hidden guards? Hidden guards!”

Autumn panicked and looked around in distress.

“Your trusted men are here.”

Cornelius held two bloody heads in his hands. He appeared from the shadows and walked into the moonlight.

Then, with a toss, the heads rolled to Autumn’s feet–the blood drained from Autumn’s face.

“There’s no escaping for you, Autumn. What else have you got to say now?” Dustin said icily.

“Wait a minute!”

Seeing how the situation was turning bad, an idea came to him. “Dustin! There are no permanent enemies, only permanent interests. Let’s talk this out!”

“How would you like to talk about this?” Dustin appeared impassive.

“A collaboration! We can work together!”

Autumn swallowed before he continued, “The Hills are extremely wealthy. Our riches are more

than you think.

“If you’ll back me up, I can give you half of the family’s assets! You’ll have everything that you

ever wanted. How’s that?”

“I am now labeled as a murderer. How will you deal with that?” Dustin asked suddenly.

“That’s easy. We’ll just get a scapegoat.” Autumn looked delighted.

Thinking that Dustin was tempted by his suggestion, he quickly added, “If you agree to the collaboration, I’ll find someone within the family to be the scapegoat.

“I promise you’ll walk out of this with no problem!”

“Sounds pretty good.” Dustin nodded.

Autumn heaved a sigh of relief and continued, “With your abilities and my powers, we’ll make a perfect alliance if we pair up!

“By then, not only the Hill family but even the entire Balerno would have to fall at our feet!”

The young grandmaster had already made a name for himself throughout Balerno.

Autumn thought that if he could get Dustin to work with him, he’d have someone strong on his side. He could bring the entire Hill family to greater heights with Dustin.

“I’m just curious. Why did you kill Sir Paul?”

Dustin answered Autumn with a question.

“Hah! If he’d stepped down from his position earlier, things would never turn out like this.”

Autumn huffed. “But that old man simply wouldn’t!

“He held on to his authority and would not give up his position! If he didn’t die, we would never get to inherit his position!”

“So because of that, you killed your father?” Dustin simply could not comprehend.

“Is that not reason enough?”

Autumn grumbled, “If he’d just retired gracefully and enjoyed his days, nothing would have


“We’d have been the perfect family. He was the one who brought all this upon himself!”

Had Paul been an ordinary man, nothing would have happened. He might last a few more years in

the position and die of old age.

But he was a grandmaster! Grandmasters had exceptionally long lives and had no problem living. to over a hundred years old.

The four Hill brothers might not outlive him. Nobody could say for sure who’d die first.

He could only take a risk to achieve his goal in such a circumstance. If he didn’t, he might be

under his father’s control for his entire life.

“What a terrible son you are!” Dustin narrowed his eyes.

He could never understand how some people’s consciences were shrouded by greed. They wouldn’t even hesitate to betray their family for power and authority.

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